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Iranian Green Party Statements
The "Green Visions" of allurement into the claws of the Clero-Fascist rulers of Iran!
The escalation of repression and the detention of the religious minorities by the Islamic Republic is a direct consequence of the appeasement policy!
The failure of appeasement policy by the Canadians to re-engage with Clero- Fascism!
The necessity to re-group against Fascism once again!
The UN Security Council third resolution; a step forward against Clero-Fascism!
Labors say "No" to Regimeís Atomic Project
The Green Party of Iranís statement regarding Ahmadinejadís remarks about Israel October 26 2005
Afsaneh Nouroozi at imminent risk of execution
Ms. Zahra Kazemi Beaten to Death by Tehran Prosecutor - Green Party of Iran member a witness to similar beatings in Evin prison by interrogators of the Iranian regime
Cut Canadian Diplomatic and Economic Relations with the Islamic Republic
Regime's Response to Recent Protests: Increased Repression
A Shameful Act by France
Iranian Students and Other Protesters Need Immediate Help
Iranian Regime Attacked Iraq
Less than Five Percent Vote During Municipal Elections
Global Green Statement on War in Iraq
Arrests, Mistreatment, and Interrogation of Iranians in the United States
Fragile Arrangement Without Women in Bonn 11/29/ 2001
Green Party of Iran Supporters Attacked in Tehran 9/ 19/ 2001
Student's death sentence upheld in Iran 21/02/99
Green Party of Iran condemns the arrest of Iranian editorial cartoonist 05/02/00
The Lives of Millions of People in Tehran are in Danger 25/12/99
The Green Party of Iran demands the commutation of an Iranian teenager's death sentence 23/12/99
The Green Party of Iran calls for a boycott of undemocratic parliament elections 16/12/99
The Green Party of Iran condemns the expulsion of refugees from Iran 16/11/99
The Green Party of Iran reproaches the French government for suppressing Iranian opposition to Khatamiís visit to France
Islamic Republic of Iran confronts the Green Party of Iran - 12/10/99
The Green Party of Iran condemns death sentences facing six Iranian students - 09/26/99
The Green Party of Iran calls for the release of 13 Jewish prisoners in Iran - 09/10/99
The Green Party of Iran condemns Canadian plans to export nuclear technology to Iran.