The UN Security Council third resolution; a step forward against Clero-Fascism!

The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously, except for Indonesia's abstention, on Monday 3 March 2008, to pass the third resolution (1803) against the Islamic Republic Regime. This resolution adds another 13 names of Islamic Republic's constituent elements engaged in nuclear affairs to the previous list. In addition to halting in issuing visas to Islamic Republic's nuclear and military personnel, the resolution calls upon all countries to restrain any financial engagement with Iranian banks particularly with "Saderat Bank" and "Bank Melli Iran". This resolution also warrants the inspection of Iranian Aircrafts and vessels if deemed necessary. The Green Party of Iran unequivocally supports the third resolution of the Security Council on imposing new sanctions against the ruling Clero-Fascism in Iran and proclaims that still more has to be done in order to force the Tehran Regime to abandon its nuclear arms programmes. More extensive and comprehensive sanctions are still needed as the essential elements of halting the Clero-Fascist rulers of Iran until its disintegration. The Green Party of Iran warns all Regime's opposition groups that the appeasement policy adopted by the western States remains a serious threat and until the formation of a united Anti-Fascist Front which would be able to organise and co-ordinate a formidable opposition against the Tehran Regime, The Islamic Republic will continue to buy more time for its survival by employing diverse manoeuvres.

The Green Party of Iran
3 March 2008