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The Green Party of Iran is a political party founded to defend Iran's environment, particularly its forests, soil, air and water resources. We believe that the Iranian population has the right to a safe and clean environment, and to political, economical, social and cultural freedom. Furthermore, the Green Party of Iran intends to expose and oppose the current Iranian regime's nuclear, chemical, and biological mass production of weapons.

In view of the increasing environmental destruction in Iran, we believe that a Green Party is required on the Iranian political stage. In addition to proposing environmental policies, the Green Party of Iran advocates a democratic political and economic system for Iran. 

Der Botschafter des Terrorregimes im Iran bekommt eine staatliche Plattform im Presse- und Besucherzentrum des Presse- und Informationsamtes der Bundesregierung

The "Green Visions" of allurement into the claws of the Clero-Fascist rulers of Iran!

The patrons of appeasement with the Islamic Republic of Iran hold a conference in Brussels


Tree of Life:  16th Environmental Art Festival in Iran    -  Noushahr-  North of Iran   (May 2008)

The necessity to re-group against Fascism once again!

International collaboration against the Mullah’s Regime
Kayvan Kaboli

The Central Council of the Green Party of Iran conference
16 December 2007
The measure of progressive allegiance at this point in time is directly proportional to the degree of practical and conceptual confrontation with Clero-Fascism and the appeasement apparatus which acts as the main benefactor of fascism.

Sign Now! No Deals with the Iranian mullahs!

Dissertation of Dr. Kazem Moussavi zadeh, the head of Environment section of the Green Party of Iran at the symposium of Vienna University, 30 September 2007 organised by the Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (Austria) and Café Critique.
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