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Arrests, Mistreatment, and Interrogation of Iranians in the United States

After the Immigration and Naturalization Service in the US set a deadline for citizens of few countries including Iran to be photographed and fingerprinted, many of respondents were arrested and mistreated by authorities. 

According to the reports, many Iranian respondents to the call by INS had a “still pending” status and would not be considered illegal at the time of arrest. The victims’ families say their beloved were kept in hunger and denied drinking water for couple of days while there was a lack of minimum human condition for living. In some cases, they spent all night long standing, because of lack of space in the room of 50 or 100 to be seated. As of December 17, 2002, many Iranians still are in various detention centers and prisons throughout the states. Some compare the recent move by the Bush Administration against Iranian citizens to the rounding up of Japanese into the concentration camp in the World War II. 

A demonstration is scheduled for December 18, 2002 at 3:00 PM in front of the Federal Building in Los Angeles to protest the recent wave of pressure on Iranian immigrants and refugees, who were subjected of mistreatment and abuse in their original country by the Islamic regime. These acts of hostilities towards Iranian immigrants and refugees by US federal authorities only satisfy the Mullah’s regime in Iran that has forced millions of Iranians to migrate from their homeland during the past 25 years. 

Green Party of Iran
December 17, 2002