The necessity to re-group against Fascism once again!

International collaboration against the Mullahís Regime


Kayvan Kaboli


The topic of my discussion tonight is going to be the necessity for the formation of a new Anti-Fascist coalition.

To begin with, letís examine the reality or the myth about the resurrection of Fascism once again in the 21st century.

Would it be a mere exaggeration to recognize the Tehran Regime of Fascist essence?


The ferocity of Islamic fundamentalism in general and the Iranian Regimeís in particular as a threatening phenomenon, is not bound exclusively to the Iranian people or the Middle East alone. The Mullahsí reactionary Regime has evolved into an aggressive Clero-Fascist establishment and is on the verge of stepping out of its own national territory. They have already become an international threat. This Regime has already started its covert aggression by organising its allies and terrorist groups around the world. In the Middle East, Hamas, Hezbollah, and The Army of Mahdi are only but a few examples to mention.


To put this into context, the Iranian State run Mehr News Agency reported an event in January 2006 which reads: ďAhmadinejad told a crowd of theological students in the holy city of Qom that, We must believe in the fact that Islam is not confined to geographical borders, ethnic groups and nations. Itís a universal ideology that leads the world to justice. We donít shy away from declaring that Islam is ready to rule the worldĒ


The brutality of this regime against its own people such as mass executions and the torture of the dissidents and the ďInfidelsĒ by the thousands in prisons which are repeatedly reported by the Amnesty International and the Human Rightsí Watch organisations are not my proving points of the Fascist essence of this Regime.

The key issue here is their program of territory expansion.


The Clero-Fascismís initial target is Iraq. After achieving this, Iraq will be considered as the stepping stone in order to vanquish Israel. And as Iím sure you are fully aware, Ahmadinejad has not hesitated to declare this on more than one occasion.

We must therefore, ask the question whether Ahmadinejad is exaggerating or merely deluding his listeners!


Unfortunately, sufficing to holding mere discussions or debates about the resurrection of Fascism as a fact or a myth in this era would not prevent the next human catastrophe on earth. It would be good, if as discussions were going on, the fundamentalists held back and waited for the result of our analysis!


To make my point clearer, let me make use of an environmental analogy. The threat of global warming is a well known issue which we are all well aware of. Similar to the concept of resurrecting Fascism, there is a debate going on about the factual or mythical notion of Global Warming amongst different points of view.

Here, I donít want to refer to the righteousness of humansí role in causing or contributing to the creation of Global Warming. Instead, I would like to argue that our approach and the options we choose to face the problem could have different impact on humansí lives throughout the world.


Regarding the Global Warming, we are faced with two options:

We either do nothing in the hope that Global Warming is just a myth and the whole discussion is an exaggeration, or otherwise we take it seriously and act accordingly to combat the problem.

Like everything else, most people especially the politicians, always consider the economic impact of their options when it comes to taking action.


Taking action means producing lower harmful emission and regulating companiesí wastes and designating the cost to the production process. This would obviously affect the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures in each country. Of course, the sceptical view about the concept of Global Warming would try to save this extra cost in the hope that the whole thing is a myth! Such sceptical approach would not want to jeopardise the levels of their profit!

However, if Global Warming is taken as factual, as many evidences prove it to be, ignoring it would almost certainly cause a major catastrophe that will pose a serious threat to the humansí life as well as other forms of life on earth.††††††


Let us now consider our options with the threat of the Clero-fascist regime of Iran.

Mullahs are pursuing with the nuclear technology and at the same time striving to islamise the world which incidentally, would begin by wiping Israel off the worldís map! This should not be considered as just a tall order as they have already organised their terrorist groups in the Middle East. Now, the world in general and the European Union in particular have two options; Either to continue with their normal economic ties and relations with the Iranian regime and sign up profitable contracts in the hope that the whole notion of Clero-Fascism is a myth, or to take preventive measures in order to halt the ambitious holders of the Fascist State power in Iran.

In the first option, Europe would be hopeful that the nuclear energy attained will only be used for peaceful projects. The worst case scenario being that even if they do lay their hands on atomic bomb, they would not intend to use it or in the very worst case, the ďquassamĒ rocket or other short range rockets would be limited to only reach the northern Israeli territories.

This of course goes hand in hand as well as other issues such as the violation of Human Rights which has been particularly ignored by the western States.


But what if the nuclear threat is a fact? It would be naive to think that it wouldnít affect you. Donít think that you are immune. Look at most major cities in Europe now. They already have enough fundamentalists in place for the time of action. Donít make a mistake! They donít need to deploy soldiers, they are already here!


You might say OK; these Muslims in Europe are not Sheiats. But let me reiterate that when it comes to terrorism, the Iranian regime makes use of every possibility! The Iranian regime is backing the Sonnies as well as the Sheiats in Iraq in order to achieve its goals.


Having once experienced the 20th centuryís Fascism, It would be naive of the 21st centuryís humans to overlook such threat once again. For those of you who are too sceptical, Iíd say man hasnít experienced the global warming in his living memory, but fascism and Nazism are not even a century away. Iím not sure about you ladies and gentlemen sitting in the European parliament, but the Iranians have experienced Islamic fundamentalists with their flesh and bones and we are forewarning you about the consequences of remaining passive on this global issue.


The adopted appeasement policy by the Europeans shows that they are overlooking the reality of Clero-Fascism. To assume that Ahmadinejad doesnít mean it or he couldnít mean it or presuming that he just wants to spread his Islamic propaganda to attract the people of the Middle East to become a populist leader in the region would be a grave mistake! Wasnít Hitler a populist leader himself? What would be YOUR guaranty that Ahmadinejad wonít follow the same trend? How would the appeasement policy be justified?


The appeasement policy with the Mullahís by the EU for the sake of juicy contracts like the OMV deal can only hinder the efforts of the oppressed people of Iran as well as the opposition groups to the regime to rid itself from the evil of the ruling Clero-Fascists in Tehran. This is shameful!


So far in this conference, we were introduced with different solutions from different point of views. Letís look at the issue through the Iranian people eyes. The main problem that works as an obstacle to hold the Iranian people back from joining students or labour movements and eventually toppling Mullahs is the appeasement policy by western countries. The appeasement policy works in two ways in favour of Mullahs, first through economic trades which prevent any political pressure on Iranian regime and second, tying hands of the largest Iranian opposition group in Europe. Let me emphasise this: overthrowing the fascist regime of Iran is the duty of Iranian people with the help of international community. And this process has not started with Ahmadinejadís presidency.


Let me add this too; one mustnít think that should Ahmadinejadís presidential term be over, the situation will be resolved. We are dealing with a system and not an individual. Remember that under Khatami, the so called former moderate president, pursuing the attainment of the atomic bomb didnít stop; not even for a day.


Religious Fascism is by far more threatening than that of the previous model which based its ideology upon superior human race. Using the mentality of suicide bombing and culture of martyrdom based on supernatural ideas and superior religion makes Clero-fascism more dangerous than of those earthly-classical types of fascism. Both variants of Fascism however, have common objectives; to eradicate the Jews, progressive ideas, homosexuality and in general, freedom as a whole.


Clero-Fascism is preparing to launch its attack in a systematic manner. Therefore, opposing such threat requires a systematic approach.

The Iranian regime knows how to manipulate the EUís appeasement policy. They have their well organised lobby groups around the western countries to push their agendas in order to achieve their goals.


Another aspect of the Clero-fascist regime is its contradictory faÁade that could lead to the westerners to think that the Mullahs are so vulnerable that they can be restrained as and when necessary. This is not simply true. One must be aware of the structural differences in organisational methods by which two sides function. The Fundamentalists may seem to be disorganised. It may appear as though it would be easy to bring them down by simply working on their inherent contradictions.

In the last 2 decades, the west has been trying to manipulate certain factions within the regime in the hope of achieving a certain degree of reform within Iranís political theocracy. As we all know, this policy simply hasnít worked!

Instead, Ahmadinejad emerged out of this very system and clearly questioned the Holocaust!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this has to be taken extremely seriously and not simply taken as Ahmadinejadís insanity! Ahmadinejad simply tested the westís sensitiveness on the issue of the Holocaust and got his desirable outcome by the westís apathetic response.


Neither the Iranian peoplesí opposition struggle nor the International efforts in isolation would be able to confront Clerical Fascism.

The correct course of action is the formation of an international Anti-Fascist Front. This is the only effective means of confronting and exerting pressure on both Fascism and the appeasement policy apparatus in favour of the Mullahs.

Only such Anti-Fascist Front is capable of averting a catastrophic war which would inevitably take place if the Clero-Fascist threat is not taken seriously. By forming such Front, organized pressure can be exerted over the Iranian Regime. In this way the Mullahs would not be able to hide behind their phoney peace movements and blame the infidels for insulting Islam or even position themselves as vanguards of anti-capitalist movements.

All organizations, governments, countries, and individuals can join the anti-fascist front in order to retreat Fascism in a joint and harmonized effort.

Fascism can only be defeated in its state of retreat!


Overcoming such threat can only be achieved by an international Anti-Fascist Front.


My final word is: we have to halt the Islamic fundamentalists before itís too late. The Iranian regime as a State power behind the aggressive version of the Islamic fundamentalists has to be stopped and defeated in order to psychologically tame the Islamic extremists and put an end to worldwide terrorism. Otherwise, the worst of what has been seen so far is yet to be anticipated.