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Afsaneh Nouroozi at imminent risk of execution

A 32 year-old Iranian woman, Afsaneh Nouroozi, has had her death sentence upheld by the Supreme Court of Iran. She was arrested in 1997 after killing the Head of Police Intelligence in Kish. According to her defense, she allegedly commited the murder in order to protect herself from being raped. Although "proportionate" action to defend one's honour is a legitimate defense under the current Iranian Islamic Crimal Code, Mrs. Nouroozi was nevertheless sentenced to death. She is being held in Bandar Abbas prison in southern Iran, which is notorious for its poor conditions.

The Green Party of Iran condemns this death sentence for Afsaneh Nouroozi and asks all Green Parties and human rights organizations around the world to pressure on the ruling regime in Iran to stop this execution.

Amnesty Urgent Action link:

Green Party of Iran
October 4th, 2003