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Iranian Students and Other Protesters Need Immediate Help

The Islamic Regime of Iran has arrested many students and other ordinary citizens during the recent uprising in Tehran and other cities in Iran.

Students have been beaten and in some cases stabbed to death by vigilante groups supported by Islamic regime and reactionary fundamentalists in the government.

Most of these students and other citizens who came to support the student uprising were taken to unknown locations. The Islamic judiciary representative announced 4000 arrests but unofficial sources believe the number should be more.

On Friday June 20, 2003, Ayatollah Mohammadi Yazdi, in his weekly speech at Friday prayer in Tehran University said: “These students should be severely punished as those who act against God.” Islamic fundamentalists believe people who do not believe or are against god shall be executed.

The Green Party of Iran believes that lives of all these brave students and demonstrators are in a grave danger. We ask all green parties and all human right groups to join us to put pressure on Iranian regime to free students and all political prisoners.

Green Party of Iran

June 25, 2003