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Cut Canadian Diplomatic and Economic Relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran

After the torture and murder of Ms. Ziba Kazemi by Islamic Republic of Iran interrogators, the Canadian public are more aware of the human rights violations in Iran. The regime's swift burial of Ms. Kazemi's body, in spite of her son's requests, was an attempt to hide the effects of the torture on her body. Currently members of all Canadian political parties, including the governing Liberal Party have been demanding that pressure be placed on the mullah's regime in Iran.

The Green Party of Iran asks the Canadian Government to cut all its diplomatic and economic relations with the Islamic Republic regime. We also urge them to bring up this issue with the United Nations and the International Court of Justice at The Hague. A serious course of action taken by the Canadian Government against systematic human rights violations in Iran could persuade other countries, the European Union in particular, to take similar courses of actions against the Iranian state.

Green Party of Iran
July 27th 2003