The failure of appeasement policy by the Canadians to re-engage with Clero- Fascism!

The efforts made by a few members of the Canadian Parliament to deploy a negotiating envoy to Tehran in order to return to normal relations in the aftermath of the murder of Mrs. Zahra Kazemi, a Canadian citizen, at Evin prison which resulted in souring the relations between the two countries proved unsuccessful. The newscasting website Fararoo, belonging to Ahmadinejad's press, revealed the adopted covert appeasement line of the Canadian Government with the rulers of Iran by reflecting the news under the heading "Parliamentary envoy from Canada visits Tehran to return to normal relations" on 5 April 2008. This website which belongs to the Revolutionary Guards Corps, hastily disclosed Derek Lee's name as the head of envoy comprising of Liberal and Conservative members along with others from the Quebec National Assembly. According to reliable sources in Canada the initial negotiations to resume normal relations with the ruling Clero- Fascism in Iran collapsed as a result of sanctions imposed by the Security Council of the United Nations in order to leash Iran's nuclear escapade and consequently, the Canadian Foreign ministry has abandoned its appeasement policy on this occasion. The Green Party of Iran condemns any appeasement policy adopted by any government with the inhumane and war waging Regime of Islamic Republic and draws the Canadian Government's attention to the United Nations Security Council's Resolutions against the Islamic Republic and to respect its own citizens' human rights against short lived commercial gains with the Clero- Fascist rulers of Tehran. .

Green Party of Iran
16 April 2008