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Regime's Response to Recent Protests: Increased Repression

After the recent demonstrations of university students and youth in Tehran and other major Iranian cities, the Regime is reacting with new wave of brutal repression. Torture and executions of arrested student protesters and the murder of Zahra Kazemi are just some examples of the Regime's recent crimes. In addition, more journalists have been arrested and opposition publications banned. Many people have disappeared during the recent unrest of the youth and university students. The Intelligence Ministry of Iran, parts of the Justice Department, and other repressive organizations intend to cut the breath of society to prevent the reoccurence student protests.

Only through the escalation of protests can the Mullah's regime be challenged and can the repression be stopped. Any retreat in response to the regime's recent increase of arrests only makes them more successful in their terrible ventures. The Islamic Republic president, Mohammad Khatami's gestures about resignation are nothing but a show. So-called reformists within the regime continue to remain silent about the government's repressive activities, in particular, about the deeds inflicted on the imprisoned university students and youths. By not protesting and speaking out, they are putting their seal of approval on the actions of their so-called foes.

Green Party of Iran,
July 16th 2003