abors say "No" to Regimeís Atomic Project

Iranian regime, searching for taking advantage of International Labor Day and promoting the ridiculous motto "nuclear energy is our indisputable right", organized a demonstration in front of former American Embassy in Tehran. Regime leaders in sweat dream of dispatching the demonstrationís film and photos to international viewers have placed hired persons among labors to control them. But demonstrators held parallel gatherings in different areas in Tehran especially in front of Bus riding central office, have transformed regime sweat dream to bitter nightmare. Moreover, labors with attacking rostrum and saying mottos against Mullahs have suffocated the voice of hired individuals by authority. Labors with such mottos have endangered regime leaders; "employment, employment is our indisputable right."-"Leave atomic energy, make a decision for our normal life."-"Syndicate, syndicate is our indisputable right."-"Labors, Students unite, unite" -"Osanlo (a syndicate leader in prison) must be freed."
The Green Party of Iran is greeting all freedom-loving labors who extend their opposition messages to international community by their bold and smart actions.
Green Party of Iran
 May, 1  2006