We Support the decision for Putting Iranís Revolutionary Guard on Terrorist List

Two U.S. newspapers which are known for reporting unannounced but true stories have reported that White House plans to declare Iranís Revolutionary Guard (RG) as a terrorist group. Although this decision hasnít publicized officially by U.S. administration, there is a sign of distancing from recent policy of flip flop and approaching more decisive strategy toward Iran.

Green Party of Iran strongly supports the U.S. administrationís decision to put RG on the list. Actually, this step had to be taken long ago in order to tame Iranian regimeís ferocious military machine. In fact, the Revolutionary Guard plays greater roles in Iranian regime than just simply suppressing dissidents and freedom lovers. RG is and has been the mastermind behind regimeís nuclear project which its sole purpose is reaching atomic bomb. Ghods army, an extension to the Revolutionary Guard designed for exporting the Islamic revolution abroad, backs terrorist groups in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and other countries in the region and is responsible for many terrorist operations in the Middle East, Europe, and South America. Revolutionary Guard is behind 95% of Iranís economic contracts with foreign countries and conduct almost total technological and military deals. The intelligence section of Revolutionary Guard owns more than 90% of Iranian private businesses and trade companies in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. It has also governed the major and strategic policies for Iranian regime in last decade or so.

Unarguably, putting the Revolutionary Guard on the list will create a greater pressure on regimeís military and terrorist machine. This pressure will restrain Iranian regimesí adventurous activities in the region and therefore could be a factor for preventing possible catastrophic war which its clouds become thicker every day. Furthermore, Green Party of Iran asks the European Union to consider the United States concern naming Iranís Revolutionary Guard in its terrorist list, since no other terrorist group has contributed to terrorism as much as RG.

Green Party of Iran

August 17, 2007