The Central Council of the Green Party of Iran conference

The Central Council of The Green Party of Iran conference was held on Saturday, 15 December 2007. During this meeting, the topics discussed by the party’s Central Council addressed and reviewed the most urgent political, social and environmental issues in Iran, the behaviour and the prospects of the Islamic Republic Regime, various manifestations of the appeasement policy and the dynamics of the appeasement apparatus, the recent report by the US intelligence organisations otherwise known as “National Intelligence Estimate” (NIE) and the massive €22b contract between Austria and the Islamic Republic. The policies and the programme of action adopted by the Green Party of Iran under the present circumstances were finalised.

The most important issues and analysis which were unanimously agreed upon by the members of the Council are as follows:

1-      The Islamic Republic is a Clero-Fascist regime and the Fascist essence of the regime must constitute the basis of any political stance taken in relation with any topic connected with the regime. Based upon this principle, unfolding the Clero-Fascist essence of the ruling regime of Iran in simple terms and spreading the concept amongst the Iranian organisations, individuals and parties as well as their International counterparts was set forth.


2-The means of confronting such endemic, regional and global threat of Clero-Fascism is the formation of a Front which constitutes the most number of Iranian and International forces and individuals. The monster of Fascism at present time which challenges the world peace by means of leaning on religion and Islam, can only be brought to its knees by the unequivocal co-operation and unity of the Iranian and international forces. Along the formation of this anti Clero-Fascist Front, one must welcome the opportunity of presence of any organisation, force and state who endeavours to stand against the will of rulers of Tehran. There are no obstacles against the presence of any individual, organisation or force, whether Iranian or international, which strives to overthrow the Clero-Fascist regime alongside the people of Iran.


3-At present time however, the main impediment in the way of an effective encounter with the ruling regime in Iran is the policy of appeasement and the vast dynamics of the appeasement apparatus. The appeasement policy is adopted not only by the foreign countries, but is also in operation by many Iranian individuals and organisations within and in the periphery of the rulers of Tehran. The formation of the anti Clero-Fascism Front is achieved through the decisive, vigorous and well organised struggle with the aid of the progressive global forces at international level.    The measure of progressive allegiance at this point in time is directly proportional to the degree of practical and conceptual confrontation with Clero-Fascism and the appeasement apparatus which acts as the main benefactor of fascism.

The protest action against the Austrian and the European Union’s €22b worth contract which was actively responded by the Green Party of Iran is one such purposeful projects which not only targets the appeasement apparatus between the European Union and the Islamic Republic, but also serves as one of the basis of formation of the anti Clero-Fascist Front alongside the European progressive forces.  Taking part in Anti-Fascist conferences such as the symposium held at Vienna University and other similar meetings by the members of our party are considered as parts of our efforts in paving the way toward the formation of the anti Clero-Fascist Front.

The Green Party of Iran believes that organising social, academic and cultural protest actions against Clero-Fascism in different countries alongside their progressive forces in these countries would guarantee the effectiveness of international sanctions and resolutions against the Islamic Republic. Such grassroots international coalitions and movements at all levels such as progressive international associations, Universities and circles would act as elements of pressure over those states whom due to enormous economic gains refuse to stand against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Moreover, these collective actions would guarantee the consistency of policies adopted by those states that are in favour of exerting pressure on the Islamic Republic under the current circumstances. The people of Iran require the cooperation of the international community in order to defeat Clero-Fascism.

The perception which believes that other countries must abstain in their policies with regards to the Islamic Republic regime is derogatory. The international forces, parties and states can either assist the Iranian people in their quest to overthrow the regime, or stand against it. Remaining neutral during an era when fascism poses an international threat is meaningless and impractical.


4-The Green Party of Iran once again reiterates the proper political stance of defending the Jews and the people of Israel against the fascist threats of the Islamic Republic and calls upon all the opposition forces to defend all those threatened by the ruling regime, such as the people and country of Israel. The Anti-Semitism and anti Israeli policies of the Islamic Republic have been and remain one of the ideological pillars of the ruling regime in Iran since its establishment. Overlooking this ideological perception of the regime has been one of the missing links amongst the opposition forces struggles against the regime within the past two decades. This missing link has been the cause of deviation of the Iranian opposition forces in their international relations for the benefit of the Iranian people’s movement.


5-The recent report of USA’s 16 intelligence organisations (NIE) about Islamic Republic’s nuclear arms project has caused profound impedance on pressures over the ruling regime in Iran. This report has also issued a new lease of life to the appeasement apparatus in order to justify their appeasement policies.  

The Green Party of Iran regards this report, which since its publication has received many different interpretations, worthless from an intelligence point of view. This report can only be evaluated as the by-product of the political differences prevailing within the US administration, or USA’s State Department’s evasion to confront Clero-Fascism, or can be seen as the political skirmishes between the two rival political parties preparing for the US elections in November 2008. Therefore, any comment or analysis over the credibility of the intelligence sections of this report which claims to have been acquired by listening devices from the military officers of the Islamic Regime or any other source remains questionable. All the political conclusions drawn from this report point to the undeniable facts that the motives behind it were other than mere intelligence update.

As stated by John Bolton, “…many involved in drafting and approving the NIE were not intelligence professionals but refugees from the State Department, brought into the new central bureaucracy of the director of national intelligence. These officials had relatively benign views of Iran's nuclear intentions five and six years ago; now they are writing those views as if they were received wisdom from on high. In fact, these are precisely the policy biases they had before, recycled as "intelligence judgments.” (Washington Post, 6 December 2007).

John Bolton’s comments are evaluated from the point of view of the fact that he served as the US Ambassador to the United Nations, and also has held other posts within the US administration and has a wealth of information about many other opinions and appeasement policy advocates within the US State Department. Dismissing his comments merely on the basis that he belongs to the school of “Neo-Cons” by those in favour of the appeasement and engagement policy with the rulers of Iran has no logical basis.

Henry Kissinger, as an advocate of negotiations and opposed to the “Neo-Cons” school of thought, also published an article in Washington Post, 13 December 2007, under the heading “Why Spying and Policymaking Don't Mix”, evaluated this report as one with political connotation and its intelligence value as questionable.

In any case and for whatever reason, this report has granted the Islamic Republic yet another opportunity to prove its allegations on peaceful means of its nuclear projects.

This is subject to regime’s absolute openness and transparency in its nuclear activities in the eyes of the IAEA.

The Green Party of Iran proclaims that the Islamic Republic has not abandoned its efforts to acquire nuclear weapons even for one day. If they have closed down one site, they have immediately resumed their activities on another. As stated by Mohsen Rezaie, the former chief of “Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps”, the decree to attain nuclear weapons was issued by Khomeini as the supreme leader and the founder of the Islamic Republic and this is irreversible. Based on the existing documents and evidences (Many exposed by the Iranian opposition and some by the IAEA), the Islamic Republic is seamlessly on its way to test its first Atomic Bomb according to three evident facts; enrichment of Uranium, Hard Water processing plant and Laser technology projects. Therefore, despite the aims of the report of 16 US intelligence agencies which serve as temporarily granting a breathing space to the Islamic Republic, the situation has become even more complex. The Islamic Regime has gained yet another short term opportunity. The option of retreating form acquiring nuclear weapons would ultimately mean suspending the enrichment activities and fascism disintegrates in the state of retreat and this is the best outcome for the people of Iran.

However, unfortunately, the Tehran regime has demonstrated its ever increasing impudence and progress over the years which would lead to the probable option of the Revolutionary Guards Corps continuing with the project which would ultimately lead to disastrous outcome as the regime would make use of the attained opportunity in order to achieve its nuclear ambitions.

Angelika Beer, defence spokeswoman of the parliamentary fraction of the Green party of Germany ahead of a group of European missionaries visiting Iran and her ludicrous and entirely contradictory report of her meetings with regime’s individuals and authorities along with China’s U-turn on approving the 3rd UN sanctions on the Islamic Republic exactly one day prior to the publication of this report, are all examples of impedance caused by the publication of this report on lifting the pressure from the rulers of Iran.


6-The Green Party of Iran supports the struggles of the freedom loving students throughout Iran and will make use of all its resources at international level to campaign for the freedom of all detained students by the suppressive Islamic regime.

The party believes that the students’ movement along with the women’s and the workers movements ought to play a decisive role in the formation of the anti Clero-Fascist Front. The outlook of the anti Clero-Fascist front paints a victorious picture of social movements such as the students’ movement.


The Green Party of Iran

16 December 2007