A Disgusting Propaganda in Name of Ghods (Jerusalem)'s day

Iranian regime held its annual extravaganza, Ghods day on Friday October 5th. This year, after Ahamadinejad's humiliation in New York, Iranian regime utilized more intense propaganda in Ghods day ceremony than ever before. This time, regime aligned all forces from different factions to show its unity against western countries.

 Ghods day was invented through an anti-Semitic propaganda by Khomeini 29 years ago. Since then, every year Islamic regime has held the last Friday in the month of Ramadan to unite Muslim against what Mullahs call unlawful occupation of holy land by Israeli Zionists. The prominent aspect of this year's ceremony in Tehran was the lack of ability by so called moderates or reformist to distance themselves from hardliners as they chanted Ahmadinejads threats against Israel and denial of Holocaust. These so called reformists justified their acts by being supportive for Ahmadinejad's hard time in New York and Colombia University.

Green Party of Iran condemns Iranian regime's anti-Semitic propaganda and sees it in continuation of dangerous policy of adventurism in the Middle East which undermines the possibility of permanent peace treaty that currently is pursued by Palestinians and Israelis with the effort of Quartet.

Green Party of Iran
October 6, 2007