The conference of the Central Council of the Green Party of Iran (Political Report)


Presenting his Political Report to the Central Council of the Green Party of Iran, Mr. Abdi Hezarkhani outlined the essence of the Islamic Regime and its stance in defiance of the will of the international community regarding the nuclear issues. Also, the strategy and the related tactics adopted by the Islamic Republic, the state of the opposition, and the effects of the current situation in Iraq and its outlook on Iran were included in this report.


Below is the summary of his report at the conference of the Central Council of the Green Party of Iran.


The nature of the Regime and its system:


The Islamic Republic Regime is a Clero-Fascist Regime. The use of the phrase Fascism does not just imply the crimes and the atrocities of the regime, but refers to the transition of the traditional clergy to a systematic fascist type of ruling. Khamenei, as the supreme leader, is the symbolic representative at the head of this papal fascism whose position however, at the top of the hierarchy, is not indispensable. Should Khamenei die, this would not necessarily mean the downfall of the Islamic Republic Regime. The core of the power is in the hands of the Mafia like organisation of the “Pasdaran Brigade” as the main driving force behind the regime. The use of religion as an effective tool for survival by the ruling Fascism is of utmost importance. This could prove to be more horrendous than other variations of fascism throughout the history.


The nuclear dossier:


Due to its fascist nature, it is obvious that the Islamic Republic is after transgression beyond its own borders. The ruling regime in Iran is only aiming to equip itself with an Atomic bomb by its nuclear programme. The strategic importance of building a nuclear arsenal and imposing itself as a nuclear power in the world for the regime is absolutely vital. The regime is determined to achieve this right to the bitter end. This would be an encouraging element to the regime’s army of Islamic fundamentalist followers beyond the borders of Iran. The regime’s transgression beyond its borders would not necessarily be carried out by the Iranian forces. This can be achieved by other Islamic fundamentalist organisations such as the Lebanese “Hizbollah” and “Islamic Jihad”, or even “Hamas”, and “Ikhvan Almoslemin” in Egypt and other large and small Islamic organisations in the region which fall in line within the same strategic goals.


The Green Party of Iran forewarns all those in favour of the slogan; “Our Undeniable Right”, who either consciously or out of ignorance supports the Clero-Fascist regime, that undoubtedly the future will prove the realities in a clear manner. There are no legitimate justifications for the enrichment of Uranium by the ruling Clero-Fascist regime, be it for peaceful means such as electricity power generation, or nuclear arms race in line with India, Pakistan, Israel and others. Any support given to the regime’s enrichment of Uranium programme and nuclear projects, directly or indirectly, will result in harnessing the ruling Clero-Fascism in Iran.




Expansionism and transgression is in the essence of the ruling Clero-Fascist rulers of the Islamic Republic. Equally well, retreat and regress from any advancement already achieved can be seen as a failure and collapse of its sovereignty. This is why the Islamic Regime in its quest to achieve its goals will not back off from infiltrating and conquering Iraq as the corner stone of its forthcoming challenges to add to the number of the “Islamic Republics” and expand its own system beyond its borders. Sovereignty over Iraq by the regime in Iran is as important as achieving nuclear capability. On this note, the Islamic Republic has taken advantage of the mistakes made by the coalition forces in Iraq right from the beginning up to now (Including the decision to invade Iraq in the first instance and giving the upper hand to the regime in the first three years of occupation) which has lead to the western countries in particular the USA, exposing their weaknesses in terms of remaining time to achieve stability in Iraq.

The worldwide opposition to the presence of American forces in Iraq, including the Americans themselves and particularly the opposition of the American Congress and Senate with the White House policies has given rise to the Iranian regime’s impudence.


The opposition:


The Iranian opposition forces in total have failed to make an effective use of the current global opportunities in confronting the Islamic Republic’s ambitions. This is while the international community has been standing up to the Islamic Republic against its nuclear programmes and the promotion of world wide terrorism.

This weakness amongst the opposition forces to form a united front against the Islamic Republic’s Clero-Fascism has left the regime’s hands open to manoeuvre freely in the region in the absence of an internationally accepted alternative to the regime.


The solution:


For as long as there are no real prospects for the overthrowing of the Islamic Republic regime, the regime will not retreat from its nuclear ambitions nor will it cease its support for terrorism. The outlook for a military attack on Iran despite the west’s limitations is serious. The best choice to prevent a military option and war is to force the Islamic Republic to give up its nuclear and expansionism ambitions. Any fatigue in the structure of fascism would be the start of its downfall. This would not materialise unless a united anti Clero-Fascist front which would ultimately evolve into an internationally accepted alternative to the regime has been established.     

Unfortunately, this has not been realised by the Iranian opposition forces ranging from the largest organisations to the smallest groups.

The Green Party of Iran once again calls upon all the progressive opposition groups (Either political organisations or national figures) who strive for a regime change to join hands in order to form an anti-fascism front. The formation of such front is one of the long awaited aspirations of the Iranian people in order to establish democracy. Along this path, we try our best to pave the way for the formation of an anti Clero-Fascism front.


The stated views were generally accepted by the majority members of the Central Council of the Green Party of Iran.