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Iranian Writers in Prison

From the International Freedom of Expression eXchange (IFEX) Clearing House (South Africa) (Canada)

2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995


2000-05-30 IRAN Reformist journalist arrested
2000-05-23 IRAN WAN concerned over newspaper closure
2000-05-16 IRAN WiPC protests writer's detention, expresses concern for her health, possible ill-treatment while in detention
2000-05-12 IRAN WiPC fears ill-treatment of jailed publisher
2000-05-09 IRAN RSF launches petition in support of reformist press
2000-05-08 IRAN CPJ announces publication of "Iran: The Press on Trial"
2000-05-05 IRAN Activists and intellectuals detained for participating in a conference
2000-05-01 IRAN Human Rights Watch concerned over well-being of detained journalist
2000-04-28 IRAN WiPC concerned over imprisonment, possible torture of journalist
2000-04-25 IRAN Press crackdown intensifies, fourteen newspapers closed, two journalists imprisoned
2000-04-24 IRAN Supreme leader lashes out at reformist media; parliament stiffens press law
2000-04-20 IRAN Repeated attacks on the reformist press
2000-04-07 IRAN Two journalists and one editor of the reformist press face legal action
2000-03-15 IRAN Reformist publisher in coma after shooting
2000-03-13 IRAN Editor of reformist daily shot and seriously injured
2000-02-17 IRAN On the eve of legislative elections, conservatives intensify their pressure on the reformist press
2000-02-16 IRAN Authorities jam BBC, Voice of America and Radio Free Europe programmes
2000-02-15 IRAN Freedom of expression backgrounder towards the upcoming parliamentary elections
2000-02-09 IRAN Political cartoonists organise an appeal for the release of an Iranian colleague
2000-02-07 IRAN Political cartoonist arrested
2000-01-24 IRAN Three reformist dailies prosecuted
2000-01-04 IRAN Editor of reformist daily prosecuted


1999-12-03 IRAN WiPC condemns sentencing of journalists
1999-11-29 IRAN Eleven journalists jailed, eight others taken in for questioning in 1999
1999-11-10 IRAN Intimidation of journalists must stop, says Human Rights Watch
1999-11-04 IRAN Three students accused of publishing blasphemous play receive suspended sentences; academic acquitted
1999-11-03 IRAN Editor-in-chief arrested
1999-10-29 IRAN Four students and an academic accused of publishing blasphemous play
1999-10-27 IRAN/ FRANCE RSF appeals to leaders on the occasion of the Iranian president's visit to France
20 Oct IRAN:Editor released, newspaper suspended

13 Oct IRAN: Director of weekly jailed
8 Sep [IRAN]: Moderate newspaper banned
17 Aug [IRAN]: RSF concerned about the fate of five journalists
6 Aug [IRAN]: Press freedom in jeopardy under new bill
5 Aug [IRAN]: RSF protests five-year ban on daily
4 Aug [IRAN]: Freedom House protests moves against independent media
3 Aug [IRAN]: Government threatens Revolutionary Court trials for "incitement"
29 Jul [IRAN]: WiPC concerned by arrests of journalists, closure of newspapers
29 Jul [IRAN]: Assault on independent press intensifies, two reformist dailies likely to face legal proceedings
27 Jul [IRAN]: Press crackdown raises international concern
26 Jul [IRAN]: IPI condemns recent arrest and guilty verdict
26 Jul [IRAN]: Reformist publisher found guilty by court
26 Jul [IRAN]: A third journalist arrested
21 Jul [IRAN]: Journalists among those detained by security forces
15 Jul [IRAN]: CPJ concerned about ongoing campaign to stifle the independent press.
15 Jul [IRAN]: PEN supports appeal for free expression from Iranian writers
8 Jul [IRAN]: Daily suspended and another journalist arrested
8 Jul [IRAN]: New press law threatens freedoms in Iran
7 Jul [IRAN]: Risk of torture for two journalists arrested in Iran
22 Jun [IRAN]: Second journalist in a week arrested in Iran
17 Jun [IRAN]: Journalist arrested
15 Jun [INTERNATIONAL]: Imprisonments a "deep blemish" to Iran, Burma, Turkey
14 Jun [INTERNATIONAL]: Iranian editor receives WAN Golden Pen award
9 Jun [IRAN]: Press under fire from conservatives
8 Jun [IRAN]: IFEX members sign on to NFFE statement on press freedom and democracy in Iran
31 May [IRAN]: Two journalists arrested
7 May [IRAN/AZERBAIJAN]: CPJ expresses concern over disappeared Azeri journalist
7 May [IRAN/AZERBAIJAN]: Editor-in-chief arrested
6 May [IRAN]: Four faculty members of Baha'i Institute for Higher Education sentenced
23 Apr [IRAN]: Liberal scholar and writer imprisoned
12 Apr [IRAN]: WAN asks Iran to lift ban on newspaper
7 Apr [IRAN]: Newspaper closed
3 Feb [IRAN]: Continued clampdown on Iran's press
7 Jan [IRAN]: Police acknowledge rogue elements responsible for recent murders of writers
5 Jan [IRAN]: Two weeklies suspended


17 Dec [IRAN]: Iranian writer escapes possible murder attempt; HRW welcomes new committee to probe murder spree
14 Dec [IRAN]: Translator Mohammad Ja'frar Pouyandeh found dead
11 Dec [IRAN]: RSF requests audience with Khatami to discuss deteriorating press freedom situation in Iran
11 Dec [IRAN]: Translator Mohammad Ja'frar disappeared
11 Dec [IRAN]: WiPC protests recent disappearances of writers in Iran
10 Dec [IRAN]: Another missing Iranian writer dead under suspicious circumstances
9 Dec [IRAN]: Writer-journalist Mohamad Mokhtari found dead
8 Dec [IRAN]: WAN protests disappearances in Iran
7 Dec [IRAN]: Writer-journalist Mohamad Mokhtari disappears in Tehran
3 Dec [IRAN]: Journalist disappears in Tehran
27 Nov [IRAN]: Majid Sharif, translator and author, found dead after disappearing for four days
17 Nov [IRAN]: WPFC writes to President Khatemi further to encouraging comments on press freedom
30 Oct [IRAN]: All four "Tous" journalists now released
98/10/22 IRAN: One journalist freed; three remain detained
98/10/09 IRAN: PEN issues open letter to Iranian leader further to sustained attacks on the press; writers questioned
98/10/08 IRAN: Three magazines suspended
98/10/08 IRAN: Call for release of Iranian journalists
98/10/02 IRAN: Journalists released
98/09/23 IRAN: Clampdown on Iranian media deepens. Two weeklies closed; fourth "Tous" journalist detained
98/09/23 IRAN: Two IRNA journalists arrested
98/09/20 WORLD: Controls on encryption technology a threat to free expression, HRW warns Vienna conference
98/09/20 IRAN: Three journalists with suspended daily "Tous" arrested
98/09/16 IRAN: Daily newspaper "Tous" closed down
98/09/15 AFGHANISTAN: CPJ protests murder of Iranian journalist Mahmoud Saremi; further details
98/09/11 AFGHANISTAN: Iranian journalist killed
98/08/11 AFGHANISTAN: Disappearance of Iranian journalist Mahmoud Saremi
98/08/06 IRAN: The weekly "Khaneh" banned
98/08/04 IRAN: "Tous" newspaper banned until further notice
98/07/30 IRAN: Publisher arrested
98/07/23 IRAN: Mohsen Sa'idzadeh: prominent writer, cleric and scholar arrested
98/07/21 IRAN: WAN protests newspaper closures in Iran
98/07/16 IRAN: Publisher banned
98/06/23 IRAN: Re-trial reportedly ordered once more for journalist Morteza Firouzi; said to be no longer in
danger of imminent execution
98/06/15 IRAN: Director of newspaper "Gozarech-e-Rouz" arrested, released on bail; paper closes
98/06/11 IRAN: Newspapers victims of repressive measures
98/05/29 IRAN: Journalist sentenced to death
98/05/21 IRAN: Speaker of Iranian Parliament asked to condemn comments endangering women lawyers
98/05/11 IRAN: Head of Iran's news agency to face court charges
98/04/30 WORLD: New World Information Order "Dead", says UN Chief
98/04/03 WORLD: News from the No Freedom... No Culture Conference
98/03/27 WORLD: Journalist, writer join freedom conference
98/03/26 WORLD: CPJ Survey Shows 129 Journalists Imprisoned in 24 Countries, 26 Journalists Murdered
in 1997; 10 Other Killings Under Investigation; Annual Book Spotlights Abuses in Nigeria, Turkey, Mexico, China
98/03/03 FRANCE: Journalists attacked in Paris
98/02/17 IRAN/EUROPE: Ninth anniversary of fatwa against Salman Rushdie
98/02/10 IRAN: Editor Morteza Firouzi in imminent danger of execution
98/02/02 SIERRA LEONE: Journalist forced into hiding, newspaper suspended
98/01/29 IRAN: Editor Faraj Sarkuhi reportedly released
98/01/29 IRAN: Journalist Morteza Firoozi reportedly sentenced to death; journalist Akbar Gandji
reportedly arrested in December
98/01/29 IRAN: Additional information on release of Faraj Sarkuhi


97/12/10 CUBA: Raul Rivero wins Reporters sans frontieres - Fondation de France Prize
97/11/20 IRAN: Government newspaper publishes "confession" by Faraj Sarkoohi allegedly extracted under torture
97/09/22 AWARDS: Journalists from six countries to receive CPJ's International Press Freedom Awards;
committee to honour Ted Koppel, Fred Friendly for dedication to press freedom
97/09/18 IRAN: Wife of detained editor Faraj Sarkoohi publishes letter highlighting concerns for her husband's health
97/09/18 IRAN: Faraj Sarkoohi sentenced to one year in prison
97/08/21 IRAN: RSF sends letter to new government ministers calling for release of detained editor Faraj Sarkoohi
97/08/11 IRAN: Open letter to President Mohammad Khatemi regarding detention of journalist Faraj Sarkoohi
97/07/24 IRAN: Prominent Iranian scholar enduring harassment, censorship and arbitrary restrictions by Iranian government
97/07/23 IRAN: Journalists banned from Parliament
97/07/22 IRAN: Publisher found guilty of printing "scandalous" report; publication suspended
97/07/10 IRAN: Authorities still fail to launch investigation into death of journalist Ebrahim Zalzadeh
97/07/07 WORLD: 45 writers from 16 countries receive Hellman/Hammett grants; Turkey and China top
persecuted writers list
97/07/04 TURKEY/WORLD: Twelve Turkish journalists and writers among recipients of Human Rights
Watch Hellman/Hammett grants
97/07/03 IRAN: Rumours Faraj Sarkouhi sentenced to death; four groups issue joint statement
97/06/26 IRAN: Closed trial of journalist Faraj Sarkouhi begins; RSF urges intervention of international leaders
97/06/20 IRAN: Letter sent to Group of Seven leaders regarding case of writer Salman Rushdie
97/06/20 IRAN: PEN sends letter to president-elect on behalf of imprisoned writer and editor Faraj Sarkoohi
97/06/05 IRAN: "Le Monde", "La Croix-L'Evenement" and "Liberation" editors call for release of Faraj Sarkouhi
97/05/20 IRAN: Obstacles to free expression and assembly mar upcoming Presidential election
97/05/13 RUSSIA (CHECHNYA): Three Russian journalists abducted; two others freed
97/05/13 IRAN: Open letter to all candidates for the Presidency of Iran
97/04/30 IRAN: International Rushdie Defence Committee condemns European Union's policy on Iran
97/04/16 ISRAEL: CPJ writes to Israeli Prime Minister seeking further information on case of Iranian photographer
97/04/11 IRAN: Rushdie Defence Committees call for end of dialogue between EU Council of Ministers and Iran,
as Iranian government convicted for terrorism
97/04/01 IRAN: Journalist Ebrahim Zal Zadeh murdered
97/03/20 PAKISTAN: PPF issues report on attacks on the media in 1996
97/03/14 WORLD: CPJ annual report "Attacks on the Press in 1996" shows 185 journalists imprisoned worldwide
and 27 killed during the year because of their profession
97/02/24 IRAN: ARTICLE 19 concerned at reports from Iran regarding detained Iranian writer and editor
Faraj Sarkuhi; appeals to European Commission
97/02/14 IRAN: Calls for European Union to step up campaign against Iran in wake of increase in bounty money
on the life of author Salman Rushdie
97/02/13 IRAN: New developments in case of detained journalist Faraj Sarkoohi
97/02/04 IRAN: Authorities confirm detention of journalist Faraj Sarkoohi; to appear in court to face charges
97/01/30 IRAN: Letter written by detained editor Faraj Sarkoohi published
97/01/28 IRAN: Editor Faraj Sarkoohi arrested
97/01/13 IRAN: Correction regarding release of two Islamic writers
97/01/07 IRAN: Reported release of four religious writers


96/12/23 IRAN: Writer Faraj Sarkoohi "found" in Tehran
96/12/10 IRAN: New information and further concerns on disappearance of editor Farraj Sarkoohi; writer
Ghaffar Hosseini now thought to have been victim of foul play
96/11/27 IRAN: Authorities seize dozens of satellite dishes
96/11/21 IRAN: Questions surround mysterious death of writer and poet Ghaffar Hosseini
96/11/19 WORLD: Report on International PEN Congress
96/11/15 IRAN: Fears for life of "disappeared" editor Faraj Sarkuhi
96/11/04 IRAN: Editor Heshmatollah Tabarzadi arrested
96/10/29 IRAN: Anniversary of mysterious death of Iranian writer and translator; other suspicious deaths
recalled; state tv broadcasts program denouncing writers; fear among writers in Iran after intimidation and detentions
96/09/03 IRAN: Editor Reza Tehrani (m) to face charges of publishing false information
96/08/19 IRAN: Some religious writers freed in Iran while others remain in prison
96/08/06 AZERBAIJAN: Government ministry closes "Avrazia"
96/07/03 IRAN: Director of weekly "Payam-e-Daneshjoue" banned from working at any publication for five years
96/05/21 IRAN: Weekly "Payam-e-Daneshjoue" banned
96/05/14 AZERBAIJAN: Journalist Eltchine Husseinbeili detained
96/03/14 IRAN: Authorities suspend "Bahar" newspaper
96/03/07 IRAN: Daily newspaper "Salam" suspended
96/02/16 BAHRAIN: Lawyer and poet Ahmad al-Shamlan arrested
96/02/15 IRAN,UNITED STATES: Appeal on seventh anniversary of fatwa against author Salman Rushdie
96/01/30 IRAN: "Gardoun" editor sentenced


95/12/13 TAJIKISTAN: BBC journalist Muhiddin Olimpur killed
95/12/06 IRAN: Writer Sayed Morteza Shirazi arrested; whereabouts unknown
95/11/30 IRAN: Author and translator Ahmad Miralai dies in mysterious circumstances
95/11/02 IRAN: "Tous" editor sentenced
95/10/24 IRAN: Newspaper suspended
95/02/13 IRAN: Daily "Jahan-e Islam" banned