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Each Tehrani Household Produces 1.5 Tons of Trash Annually

TEHRAN, Iran, January 13, 1999 (IRNA) -- A Tehran resident on average produces 1 kg of trash every day, which translates to 1.5 tons of trash produced by an average family every year. The report by the deputy mayor's office further said that the greater Tehran, with a 700 area, has to handle over seven million tons of trash on daily basis. The report adds that by collecting the household garbages every evening, the municipality intends to prevent environmental pollution and also infectious diseases as the result of the accumulated garbage.

The deputy mayor, Mohammad Haqani, further wrote in the report that protecting the city environment and the health of the residents is high on the list of the municipality's priorities.

Pounds of garbage produced per year per capita (approximate)
United States 1930
Canada 1157
Italy 542
Japan 758
Sweden 661
Australia 1500