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The Hero of the Economist Magazine sentenced to death

Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran

TEHRAN, Iran, December 12, 1999 (SMCCDI) - Confirmed reports are stating that Mr. "Ahmad Batebi", the famous Iranian student, holding the blooded T-Shirt of one of his friends on the cover of the "Economist Magazine" of 7/13/1999 has been sentenced to death by the Islamic Judiciary.

The death sentenced has been forwarded to the Islamic Supreme Court following an appeal introduced by Ahmad Batebi's family but the chances of an amnesty are none without an International pressure as the Islamic republic regime is intending to brake any image of rebellion such as a Student Holding a Blooded T-Shirt qualified by the Islamic Judiciary as the " Emblem of Revolution ".

Parents and friends of Mr. Ahmad Batebi are criticizing the Economist for having published without permission the picture of the student on the cover of their magazine.

They accuse the Economist for having tried to increase it sales but not assuming its responsibilities to condemn, firmly, the death sentence because of the UK-Islamic republic economical relation consideration.

One of the family members talking to SMCCDI said: " As they put the face of Ahmad on their cover to make more sales and if they don't want to disturb the Honey Moon between Blair and Khatami; Why they don't write an Editorial about Ahmad and all the other students denouncing such sentences and requesting clemency for them.."

A student added: "...If they were (Economist) more responsible, they would intervene beside the UK Government and hire an attorney for Ahmad because printing his face, on their cover, helped the mullahs to identify him while making good money for the Economist..

..They didn't ask for any permission while knowing what happened to the Chinese students because of the same process...

... We can't sue them from here but we hope that the Iranians outside Iran and the International organizations will do son if the Economist forget its Moral responsibility which is nothing else to condemn the death sentence and intervene beside the UK government for making pressure on the clerics..."