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Qom's Private Medical University Students in Fifth Sit-In Demo

The Tehran Times

TEHRAN, Iran, March 1, 2000 -- Some 200 students of Qom's Fatemiyeh Private Medical University began their fifth sit-in demonstration in front of the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution.

This time the students are calling for the dismissal of the university's entire Board of Trustees whom they accuse of being unfamiliar with the requirements of the medical profession.

In addition, the students are demanding that the university become part of the country's medical system so it can cope with the growing demands of students to have the proper training.

The students say, and the trend indicates, that they are fully determined to continue their protests until they achieve their ultimate goals.

The students began their first sit-in protest nearly two months ago on a complaint that the university has only one insufficient hospital incapable of meeting the educational requirements of some 1,000 medical students.

The sit-in demonstrations that followed took place after the board of trustees ignored the order of the Health Minister Dr. Mohammad Farhadi (responsible for curriculum of medical students) to sack the chancellor of the university.

Finally, prior to the latest sit-in, the University's Board of Trustees announced the resignation of the university chancellor.