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Iran's per capita assets less than half of world's average

Hamedan, Iran, May 24, 2000 (IRNA) -- The average per capita wealth in the world is $86,000 while the corresponding figure in Iran is $38,000, which is less than half of the world figure, an official announced here on Tuesday.

"Besides production output, human, physical and natural resources must be assessed in determining per capita wealth," Fereydoun Fereydouni, a member of the industry and revenue committee affiliated to the Iranian National Revenues Organization said.

Referring to Japan, he said: "The current per capita wealth stands at $565,000 broken down into human resources with an 80 percent share, machinery with an 18 percent share and natural resources with a two percent share, while in our country human, natural and physical resources comprise 34, 29 and 37 percent respectively of per capita wealth."

He said the most important factor affecting the rise or drop in revenues is the workforce, adding that this segment of society must be accorded great importance.

Likewise, he compared per country industrial waste, saying in Iran the figure stands at 23 percent while in developed countries it is one percent.