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Housing Figures

Payame-Emruz (Economic monthly)
Oct-Nov, 1994, No.3, Page 3

The following figures were released by the Statistics Center and the Central Bank of Iran (Bank Markazi) in 1371 (1992) regarding the housing situation in the country:

The average income of an urban family was 3,540,000 rials. The average income of more than 70 percent of families was even less than the above figure. The average ratio of housing cost to household income was 36.1 percent. The average housing cost for all families, whether landlord, tenant, or those who use houses free of charge are calculated collectively.

Many families, especially newly married couples, wishing to own a house cannot do so even if they give 100 percent of their salaries for this purpose. The average annual rent of a 100 sq.m residential unit in Tehran is 2,690,000 rials while the average income of a family living in Tehran does not exceed 4,040,000 rials. Hence, 66.6 percent of the expenses of a Tehrani family is spent on housing, and this does not even take into account the families whose income never reaches 225,000 rials per month, which constitutes 70 percent of the city's families.

The average price of a 100 sq.m. residential unit in Tehran is 48,000,000 rials and for the whole country, 28,400,000 rials. A Tehrani must pay all his salary for 12 years to buy a house; for an Iranian living in other parts of the country, it will take 8 years. The above ratio was 5.6, 3.9, 4.7 and 5.7 times higher than the figures registered in 1356 (1977) -- the peak year for housing prices)--1359 (1980), 1365 (1986) and 1368 (1989) respectively. The average standard is five times.

The per capita income at fixed prices in 1361 (1982), suffered a decline from 251,000 rials in 1356 (1977) to 198,000 rials in 1371 (1992).

The ratio of the price of one sq.m. of urban land to the cost of one sq.m. of a building was 70, 28.3, 47.6, 54.7 and 110 percent in 1356 (1977), 1359 (1980), 1365 (1986), 1368 (1989) and 1371 (1992) respectively.