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Iran's energy consumption twice the world average

ARAK, Iran, January 25, 2000 (IRNA) -- The per capita energy consumption in Iran is twice as high as the average world standard, said Ali Zabihi an expert with the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Studies, affiliated to the presidential institution, here Tuesday.

Addressing a seminar on production and consumption of energy in iran and the world, held in the provincial capital of Arak, Zabihi said that while the annual rate of growth in the consumption of energy in the developing world is something between 2 to 2.5 percent, Iran is consuming energy at a much more rapid pace.

He added that due to the lack of optimal use of energy in Iran, a great deal of energy is wasted in the industry sector and at homes which also causes air pollution.

According to Zabihi, while the world standard for temperature at homes is between 18.5 to 19 degrees celsius, Iranians on average keep their homes as warm as 23 to 24 degrees celsius and waste a lot of energy in this way.