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Two student journalists kidnapped: paper

TEHRAN, Iran, May 4, 2000 (AFP) - Two Iranian student journalists from a Tehran technical college have been kidnapped and a third attacked in the street, a moderate newspaper said here Thursday.

The editor-in-chief and the political editor of the "May 23" student review, named after the date of pro-reform President Mohammad Khatami's 1997 election victory, were abducted Tuesday, the Hammihan paper said.

It gave no further details about the fate of Hossein Kafi and Arash Pahlevan Nassir, but said another journalist on the paper, Farshad Asgari, had been attacked in the street Saturday.

Word of the kidnappings comes just a week after much of the pro-reform press behind Khatami was shut down by Iran's conservative press court.

2 Students released after a short kidnapping

SMCCDI News Service
May 6, 2000

2 kidnapped students were released yesterday evening following the protest of the students of the " Science and Industry University of Tehran" about their unofficial arrests on Wednesday and their ultimatum to the regime about their intention to hold a rally today in the streets of Tehran.

Hossein Kafi and Arash Pahlavan-Nassir, editorial board members of "2nd Khordad", were arrested by members of the security forces but the regime was claiming to be unaware of these arrests. Also Mr. Farhad Asgari, another board member of this publication, was attacked Monday in a Tehran street by unknown assailants who escaped from several bystanders who had intervened to save the wounded student. The assailants escaped in a type of car used mostly by Bassidj and Pasdaran members.

The release of these 2 students happened just hours before the start of the rally.