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DOE Calls for Relocating Tehran Airport to Ease Pollution

Tehran, Iran, June 7, 2000 (IRNA) -- The Deputy Head of the Department of Environment (DOE), Yousef Hojjat, said on Wednesday that his department will propose to the Ministry of Roads and Transport to relocate Tehran Airport from its present site which is in close proximity to the capital city.

He told IRNA the proposal will be made within the framework of the Comprehensive Plan to ease air pollution in Tehran.

He said experts believe that the fumes released from planes during take-off and landing cause air pollution and the wind blowing from the west to eastern Tehran aggravates air pollution in the city.

Hojjat said the Traffic Police is also required to check the exhaust emission of vehicles plying in Tehran which is responsible for 15 percent of the city's air pollution.

He said the Comprehensive Plan envisages the purchase of additional 2,000 gas-fuelled buses for public transport as well as a compulsory plan to buy and scrap old vehicles which are detrimental tothe environment.