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Air pollution in Tehran three times higher than standard

TEHRAN, Iran, October 18, 1999, IRNA -- Bases measuring air pollutants Sunday night registered air pollution in Tehran as three times higher than the standard level.

The company for control of air condition in Tehran Monday morning announced that due to the reduced speed of wind blow and increased number of travels in the capital, air pollution has intensified as compared to previous days.

The company emphatically recommended citizens suffering from cardiac and respiratory diseases as well as the aged to refrain from making unnecessary travels in the city.

It also called on private car owners to park their vehicles and travel by public transportation facilities.

Organizations in charge of protection of environment last week mentioned several measures to fight pollution in Tehran which also include limitation of travel under critical conditions.

Over two million cars with an average life span of 20 years travel in the capital city every day which are mainly responsible for the air pollution in Tehran.