When appeasement policy dictates flexibility

December 22, 2013

italiaFM-sitalyFMBowItaly’s Foreign Minister visits Tehran to appease Mullahs for possible trade expansion amid uncertainty in nuclear deal. She wrestles with scarf to keep the Hejaab, Islamic rule for covering women, in an appropriate way. Europeans can’t wait to see the result of Geneva negotiation.

Shortly after the female European MEPs, the Italian Foreign Secretary, Emma Bonino, is the next woman to humilatingly bow before the ‚moderate’ Rohani and his women stoning system. A system that, according to NWRI reports, has executed at least 32 people within the last five days. These appeasement travels support the islamistic Holocaust denying regime’s execution machinery and serve the sole purpose to help the atomic Mullahs and Rohani to breach sanctions. Everyone should protest against such scandalous travels in the wake of the Geneva bad atom deal. They have to be ceased immediately! 39 more people are set to be executed within the the next few days. At that time, the Iranian regime expects the visits of the head of the Italian Foreign Affairs Committee and later the culture secretary.

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