The patrons of appeasement with the Islamic Republic of Iran hold a conference in Brussels

March 15, 2009

The European Parliament in Brussels will be hosting a number of patrons of appeasement with the Islamic Republic of Iran on Tuesday 17 March 2009. The conference which is organised by Angelika Beer, MEP, who is also the president of the EP delegation with Iran is supposed to be discussing the environmental issues. Undoubtedly, the future of the relations between the European Union and the Islamic Republic of Iran will be the main point of discussions under the “Green” banner of “A Political Ecology for Iran”. It’s worth knowing that some of the participants amongst the discussion panel as well as Angelika Beer who has repeatedly and on a number of occasions expressed her loyalty towards Islamic Republic’s nuclear programme, which according to the IAEA have been declared as “Worrying”, are pretty well known defenders of the Islamic Republic’s policies. On 22 December 2008 the Islamic State run media “Aftab” quoted Angelika Beer that: “I have repeatedly mentioned that Iran is not undertaking any military tasks by its nuclear programme and has been conforming to NPT’s protocols”. Aftab continues that “… and she suggested that these institutions should dismiss the unfounded rumours with regards to other counties’ nuclear programmes.” (1) Amir Mombini, a well known pro-Khatami and “The 2 Khordad” movement, is another advocator of the appeasement policy with the Islamic Republic who according to the conference notice has been introduced as the director of the unidentified “Centre of Iranian Ecologists in Sweden”. He is also a member of the board of “Union of Iranian Republicans”; an alliance dominated by the “Tudeh Party” and “Axariat” who have been backing the Islamic Republic since the mullahs clinched the power in Iran. The Green Party of Iran in an announcement released on 17 May 2003 exposed the “Centre of Iranian Ecologists in Sweden” whose sole purpose of formation was to promote and campaign for Khatami at the time. In a statement released by the “Centre of Iranian Ecologists in Sweden” on 15 May 2003, Mombini wrote: “The Centre of Iranian Ecologists urges Mr. Khatami’s government and other reformist republican institutions within the Islamic Republic to pay particular attention to the deadly hazards surrounding our country and to support this well meant and timely international initiative and to co-ordinate his reformist policies with this initiative.” (2) Ali Fathollah-Nejad is another participant on the panel. He’s a member of CASMI (Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention In Iran). (3) CASMII’s primary role is to lobby the interests of the Islamic Republic. Their efforts are mainly concentrated to minimise and soften the internationally imposed sanctions upon the Islamic Republic. They intervene and organise campaigns within the Anti-War and leftwing organisations at international levels in order to pave the way for the furtherance of the Islamic Republic’s Clero-Fascist ambitions. (4) Fathollah-Nejad was actively representing CASMII in Germany during 2008. He demonstrated his devotion to the Islamic Republic by publishing his Anti-Semitist articles in Islamic regime’s propaganda papers abroad. (5) The Green Party of Iran condemns the appeasement of the German Greens within the European Parliament with the despotic ruling clergy of Iran. By organising such conferences, which aim to conceal the violation of human rights by the Islamic Republic of Iran, Angelika Beer is following the same footsteps as Joschka Fischer, the former minister of foreign affairs of Germany, whose adverse policies in favour of Iran helped the Islamic Republic to get closer for the attainment of the Atomic Bomb. Undoubtedly, the congregation of a few pro Islamic Regime lobbyists and pacificators masqueraded as “Experts” won’t solve Islamic Republic’s chronic dilemma. The Green Party of Iran has repeatedly claimed that the root causes of Iran’s state of ecological deterioration lies with the destructive policies adopted by the Islamic Republic. The Islamic Republic of Iran is on course to acquire nuclear weapons. The most urgent task and the main responsibility of all friends of Iran’s ecological well being would be to halt the Islamic regime’s efforts to obtain nuclear capability. Those who adopt appeasing policies with the Islamic Republic inevitably approve the Islamic State’s violation of human rights and would ultimately collaborate in the destruction of the Iranian natural environment.

Green Party of Iran March 15, 2009


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