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July 6, 2018

Dr. Kazem Moussavi, Green Party of Iran’s spokesperson, publisher of Iran Appeasement Monitor and one of the most prominent critics of the Islamic Republic in Germany, is being sued for his coverage of the regime’s activities in Germany. The lawsuit seeks to stop his revelations about Iran lobbyist’s activities by imposing a heavy legal fee. Please sign this…

Business consultant tied to Iranian regime files a defamation lawsuit against co-founder of Green Party

April 10, 2018

Business consultant Dawood Nazirizadeh, a board member of “Islamic community of Shiites in Germany” (IGS), an organization controlled by the Iranian regime has filed a defamation lawsuit against Iranian dissident Kazem Mousavi to intimidate and silence him. Nazarizadeh’s attorney to bully Iranian dissidents is notorious Michael Hubertus von Sprenger, a past attorney for Turkish dictator…

Footprint of Appeasement Policy in German Government

June 3, 2014
Footprint of Appeasement Policy in German Government

   *- Dr. Kazem Moussavi Markus Potzel, the head of the Middle East Division in German Foreign Office is one of the most passionate advocates of the appeasement policy toward Iran. His last attempt in this direction failed due to strong protests by Iranian community in Germany. This Office had planned to sponsor an event on June 4, 2014…

Mullahs’ Friends in Germany Try to Loosen Sanctions

May 16, 2014
Mullahs’ Friends in Germany Try to Loosen Sanctions

Nader Maleki, a pro-Iranian regime banker (Maleki Group – Financial Communications & Consulting) in Frankfurt, Germany has organized an event called Business Forum IRAN. The event scheduled for May 23, is part of a greater campaign to loosen and end international sanctions that have crippled Iranian regime’s economy. Nader Maleki, the head of Maleki Group…