Vienna University Symposium by Dr. Kazem Moussavi Zadeh

September 30, 2007

Dissertation of Dr. Kazem Moussavi zadeh, head of Environment section of the Green Party of Iran
Vienna University, 30 September 2007
Organised by the Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (Austria) and Café Critique.

Dear friends, Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is an honour for the Green Party of Iran to take part in this symposium and protest assembly in Vienna. The topic of the symposium is the means and manner of confrontation with the Islamic Republic of Iran and your demand in this assembly in Vienna, to cease the appeasement policy and the European economic relationship with the Regime of Mullahs in Tehran.

In this symposium, I would like to explain a new analysis and political stance adopted by the Green Party of Iran as one of the opposition forces against the Iranian Regime.

The Green Party of Iran has come to the conclusion that the fate of Iran and the human rights of the Iranian people under the rule of the Islamic Republic are directly correlated with the future of the Jewish People and Israel. The reason being that within the ideological framework and the Clero-mental apparatus of the Mullahs ruling Iran, the characteristic features, the anti-Semitism policies and the violation of the Human Rights along with the territorial expansionism are placed and carried out within the same and interwoven composition unit. As shown in the simple diagram, the acquirement of the Atomic Bomb by the Iranian Regime serves as a vital and lifesaving purpose for the stability and the survival of the Mullahs. The Atomic Bomb as a weapon in the hands of the Mullahs would be an essential tool in order to enforce its terror and tyranny at much greater levels. Also as seen in this illustration, the ideological aims and agenda by the Clero-Fascist Regime of Tehran are in undeniable connection with one another and urgently act and materialise in tandem. In other words, the Atomic Bomb acts as a catalyst in the ideological policies of the Mullahs Regime within the internal as well as the international domain. Just like a chemical compound, the atoms of the molecules of water, the liquid of life, require a catalyser factor and certain temperatures in order to maintain its constituent elements.


Dear friends, the above policies are inseparable from one another. The Green Party of Iran acknowledges that the Islamic Regime and its religious doctrines make it a Clero-Fascist system. This system is a prime obstacle in the way of a sustainable development of the people and the country of Iran and her neighbours and the entire international community, as it’s striving towards its ambitions by making use of religious, fundamentalism and warmongering apparatus at its disposal all over the globe.

We consider the dangerous European policy of appeasement and collaboration with the Iranian Regime as a corner stone and a defence shield for the Clero-Fascist Regime of Tehran, as from an ideological point of view and inner structure; this Regime is not capable of reform and will never hold a free referendum in Iran. The Clero-Ideological essence of the Regime of Tehran has to be taken seriously. This Regime ought to be overthrown by the people of Iran as soon as possible. Of course, this can only be made possible by the formidable international community’s support of the Iranian people in their quest for freedom.

A- The Green Party of Iran recognises the Mullahs’ Regime as a Clero-Fascist system based upon the following contiguous reasons and methodology:

The First characteristic: Absolute religious dictatorship and outright militarism

The Regime’s policies at national level are based upon Islamic religion and ideology which are in principle in complete contradiction with all modern politics, freedom and the Human Rights within the current international standards. The Islamic Republic exterminates those opposed to the Regime. Any protest by the people or the opposition is suppressed in the most possible ruthless manner and methods; even publicly. In this way, the Islamic Republic has demonstrated that it’s prepared to vanquish and annihilate the entire opposition to the last person in order to prolong its rule in Iran. The point in our analysis is based on the fact that the degree of the Mullahs’ barbarism is at such level that even if hundreds of thousands of Iranians poured out onto the streets to overthrow the Regime, the Mullahs would not hesitate to create a bloodbath by any means, such as opening fire on them from ground and air or even by resorting to bombarding them in a mass genocide in order to maintain their divine rule.

Experience has proved that the violation of the Iranian peoples’ Human Rights by the ruling Regime in Iran cannot be confronted verbally or by just resorting to watchwords coming from the Human Rights commissions of the European countries. Some of the European governments are regarded as the accomplices of the Mullahs in Tehran as they induce this notion as though an insane and totalitarian religious Regime can be negotiated with and have room for improvement through engagement with it. The Green Party of Iran warns that, the heads and the inner circle of the Iranian Regime are untrustworthy and unscrupulous in essence and must be put on trial in an international court of law for their crimes against humanity.

The Second characteristic: Protraction and territorial expansionism

The foreign policy of the Iranian Regime is based on Islamic ideology. The political aim, allegiance and the aspirations of the ruling system are to protract and expand Islam. This is considered as a religious duty based on divine intervention and extracted from the Quran and Islamic laws. The aim is to spread the Islamic Regime beyond its national territories by means of “Islamic Jihad” and waging war in the name of Allah. One of the first slogans and demands of Khomeini form the outset in 1979 was to conquer Jerusalem via Karbala. The shrine of the Shiite’s 3rd Imam Hussein, resides in Karbala. The Shiite’s 3rd Imam Hussein is the symbol of martyrdom, sacrifice and religious jihad for the Mullahs in Tehran. Khomeini’s followers (The Islamic Revolutionary Guards’ Corps) have already initiated their move towards Jerusalem by broadly penetrating and influencing the Iraqi government superstructure. The Mullahs are preparing to move towards Israel.

The Regime’s aim and strategic planning is the Islamisation of the humanity on earth and the assertion of their authority over the entire world. Remember Ahmadinejad’s recent letter to Bush, the President of the United States. The Mullahs intend to establish an invariable international sovereignty lead by their dignitary Ali Khamenei and other clergies in Tehran. Such clearly disclosed claim and policy by the Mullahs of their sovereignty over the world shows frightening similarities to Hitler’s National-Socialist policies. The only difference being that this time, within the ideological and mental apparatus of the Mullahs, the superior policies and the Arian race or the German Nationalism have been replaced by a superior divine religion called Islam. In actual fact, this Islamic philosophy and allegiance of the Mullahs must be taken absolutely seriously. One mustn’t assume that these religious policies are merely a short lived mechanism to hang onto the power. In other words, materialising the ideological ambitions of the Regime in the region and other countries in the world is the pivotal point in the centre of the political activities of the leaders of the Regime. The European policy of appeasement and its advocates must clearly understand the potential of the catastrophe on their hands with the merger of the religious culture of martyrdom (The readiness and the mentality of suicide missionaries in the name of God and religious Jihad) in one hand and holding the Atomic bomb in the other.

Right now as we speak, the Mullahs’ policies of terrorism are in operation. In addition, the outright declaration of war with the Western community and Israel will undoubtedly be on the outlook and future agendas of the Iranian Regime.

The Third Characteristic: Fanatical Anti-Semitism

The Anti-Semitic characteristic within the essence of the ideology and policies of the Islamic Republic is undeniably pronounced. The Islamic Republic and Ahmadinejad clearly express their intension to annihilate and wipe off the Jews and Israel from the world map. This Anti-Semitist policy also plays a key role in crushing and the mass murdering of the internal opposition forces. The opposition forces, women, the ethnic minorities, the homosexuals, etc. are arrested and charged as “American and Israeli agents “, or are branded and later executed as “Unbelievers “, “Defiled ” and “Hypocrites “. Furthermore, Anti-Semitism is employed in Mullahs’ foreign policy as a mechanism to organise and mobilise reactionary and fundamentalist forces in the region. This foreign policy is also used to support and mobilise the right wing fascist organisations, Anti-Semitists and even radical and orthodox anti USA and anti Israeli left wing organisations throughout the world. Today, here in Vienna, I must point out to those radical left wing individuals who defend the Clero-Fascist Regime, and protest under the banner of peace and anti-war movement, that this Regime is the source of war-mongering and terrorism.

The specific reason and instance which I can make reference to, is the German magazine, Spiegel’s interview with Ahmadinejad a while ago whereby Ahmadinejad addressed the Germans to be proud of their nationality and not to allow Israel to ridicule and humiliate the Germans.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Really, why do you think that Ahmadinejad and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards’ Corps blatantly deny the Holocaust? This was an experiment to gauge the level of reaction and protest of the European and the international community. As observed, due to sufficing to verbal protests and reactions only, which in a way demonstrates the insensitivity of the European and other states, the Islamic Republic has ascertained that a second genocide against the Jews and the people of Israel as once carried out by Hitler’s Nazism, is viable once more and in a nutshell, the world and Europe is able to tolerate it and will soon put it behind them!

Therefore, the Green Party of Iran proclaims that Europe’s appeasement policy sends a positive signal to the Mullahs in Tehran to execute their wrathful strategic contrivance in creating a second genocide in the same scale as the Holocaust!

B- The consequences of Europe’s appeasement policy with Tehran rulers

Honourable friends,

Europe’s policies of appeasement and mainstay as well as that of the Green Parties of Germany and Austria towards the Iranian Regime have become part of the warp and woof of the Clero-Fascist system and so far have induced catastrophic consequences. I shall briefly point out to some of these:

1- For exactly 16 years, the politicians in charge of the European Foreign Relations and the European Parliament have been insisting on upholding the dealings and negotiations and dialogue with the mendacious claimants of reform within the Regime, i.e. Rafsanjani and Khatami. However, as you can see, instead of any transformation towards reform in Mullahs’ Regime, the appeasement policy has lead to the outright empowering of the Revolutionary Guards’Corps and the Militarist State of Ahmadinejad’s. By using the numerous economic intercourses with Europe as leverage, during this period, the contrivance and strategic policy of the Mullah’s has been to detain contention and clash with the West in order to advance its covert nuclear projects under the cover of economic dealings. So far, this policy by the Regime, with the aid of appeasement policy has paid off fully. Of course, the main victims of the appeasement policy by Europe, in the first instance are the people of Iran as well as Israel and Iraq.

2- The commercial and economic relations of Iran with Europe, is managed and conducted by the Military State of the Revolutionary Guards’ Corps and the Islamic Republic’s Ministry of Security and Intelligence. The Revolutionary Guards’ Corps is primarily responsible for the protection of the Regime; implementation of its military’s nuclear programmes and at the same time, carries out the emanation and the expansionism policies of the Clero-Fascist Regime in the region. In reality, off the back of the European economic relations, the military power and the war mongering of the Regime thrives and corroborates while a massive cross section of the Iranian people become pourer and more destitute on a daily basis. During the last three years alone, Iran’s annual income on oil and gas revenues has been about $80b. Nevertheless, according to the official figures released by the Islamic Republic, regrettably, 85% of the people of Iran live below the economic poverty line.

3- Basically, without any doubt, the Mullahs’ Regime is determined to acquire weapons of mass destruction. The policy of upholding dialogues with criticising nature on the one hand, and continuing with the economic relations with Europe on the other has created the presentable ground for the Regime to covertly procure the necessary material, equipment, accessories and knowledge from the European markets in order to carry through its nuclear programme.

4- Europeans’ policies of appeasement have lead to ignoring the Islamic Republic’s policies in planning and establishing terrorist networks in the region as well as in Europe and Latin America. In this context, the Mullahs don’t necessarily find the need to deploy their own military personnel beyond the Iranian borders in order to launch an attack on the neighbouring countries such as Iraq or even Israel. Today, the Mullahs are perfectly capable of mobilising their terrorist and war waging operations via their affiliated terrorist and paramilitary organisations outside Iran. For example via “HAMAS ” and “Islamic Jihad ” in Palestine, “Hezbollah ” in Lebanon and “Badr Brigade “, “Sadr ” and “Quds ” in Iraq. They also fan the flames of anarchy in Afghanistan by supplying “Al-Qaeda “and the “Taliban ” with weapons and other terrorist aids.

5- The European politicians and governments ought to know that due to their oversight, the Tehran Regime, though not so conspicuously and openly, has already launched its military attacks via its above mentioned network of terrorist organisations. The overt declaration of war and the military campaign by the Tehran Regime against modernity and Israel will probably be ratified by their first nuclear bomb test. Of course, on hearing the news of the Mullahs’ attainment of the atomic bomb, most probably would be followed by the Jews’ evacuation of Israel to other parts of the world. This is precisely why Ahmadinejad has pointed out to the Europeans on numerous occasions that the Jews have no business or future in the Middle East and that the European governments had better designate a land for the Jews in their own neighbourhood or Alaska, as early as possible in order to prepare them for their resettlement.

From what has been said so far, the European countries, The Green Parties of Germany and Austria and equally well, The Secretary General of the IAEA Mr. Mohammad Albaradei, don’t have much longer time left to stall Tehran’s Mullahs from laying their hands on atomic and other dirty bombs.

Ladies and Gentlemen, a little while ago in an interview with an Italian media agency, Mr. Albaradei categorically expressed that the Islamic Republic posed no threat whatsoever to peace within the international community. Such allegation coming from Mr. Albaradei, whilst Ahmadinejad continues and insists on pursuing the nuclear projects and while the Islamic Republic repeatedly endeavours to wipe Israel off the world map and to annihilate the Jews and is persistent in the denial of the Holocaust, is very astonishing and unacceptable.

Manoochehr Mottaki’s, the Foreign Minister of the Regime, confirmation of Mr. Albaradei’s stance, which in his recent nuclear dossier had reported contradictory points about the Islamic Republics progress in nuclear matters, puts a big question mark over the entire issue.

Therefore, Mr. Albaradei has demonstrated that for whatever reason, he’s not able to maintain his political impartiality. Clearly, Mr. Albaradei has no motive to inform the international community of the ins and outs of the Islamic Republic’s atomic and covert programmes. Therefore, the Green Party of Iran demands that Mr. Albaradei should resign immediately and leave his post to a righteous person who has the courage of reflecting the truth.

6- The European countries’ cultural dialogue is held by a Regime whose main cultural policy ideals and apprehension is based upon islamising the entire culture and the ancient civilisation of Iran. The Islamic Republic dismisses and pushes aside any non Islamic aspects of Persian culture and language as well as other languages, historical traditions and religions in Iran such as Zoroastrianism, Bahai, etc. In the meantime, some university lecturers such as Mrs. “Christina von Braun ” and “Betina Metis” as well as the Green Parties of Germany and Austria embark on discussions and debates to legitimise and justify the theory of cultural relativity and the religious and cultural dialogue, without defining a border line with the Islamic Republic. In this way, these individuals are turned into the Mullahs’ gateways in order to achieve their objective of dispatching and expanding Islamic fundamentalism in Germany, Austria and entire Europe. These so called European intellectuals ought to know that the hazardous penetration and cultivation of religious regression particularly amongst the asylum seekers and Moslem immigrants will lead to discrimination against women and homosexuals, as endorsed by the reactionary Islam.

7- The appeasement policy adopted by the Europeans has also lead to the terror and assassination of many individuals and freedom lovers of the opposition groups in Europe by the Mullahs’ Regime. I, herby, on behalf of the Green Party of Iran, with my deepest sadness and profound sorrow, suffice to reminiscing the assassinations of Dr. Abdolrahman Ghasemloo in Vienna, Professor Kazem Rajavi in Geneva, Dr. Shahpoor Bakhtiyar in Paris, Mohammed Naghdi In Rome, the popular celebrity, Fereydoon Farrokhzad in Bonn and Dr. Sadegh Sharafkandi and his colleagues in Berlin to mention but a few of many of the opposition individuals assassinated outside Iran. The Revolutionary Guard Mohammed Jaffar Sahraroodi, the killer of Dr. Ghasemloo in Vienna, not only wasn’t arrested by the Austrian authorities, but he was very easily and quickly handed over to the Iranian Regime. Jaffar Sahraroodi is now one of the main men in charge of the terrorist network of Badr and Quds corps in Iraq. Sahraroodi is behind the death squads’ operations of Iraqi people and the everyday carnage of the American and the Western troops in Iraq. The Revolutionary Guard Akhoondzadeh Basti, the killer of Dr. Kazem Rajavi in Geneva, is serving as the Charge d’affaires in Berlin since Ahmadinejad took office as President. Akhoondzadeh Basti is in charge of the procurement and preparation of laboratory instruments and logistics operations of Clero-Fascist Regime’s covert nuclear programme in Europe. I must also add that since 1979, the Mullahs have arrested tens of thousands of the opposition individuals and have callously tortured and executed them. The Guardian Corps, as you can see in the photographs, make use of German, Austrian and other European procured torture instruments and weapons in order to torture thousands of political prisoners and carry out daily street public executions. The consequences and the adverse effect of the appeasement policy by Europe with Mullahs are far greater than what has been mentioned. Here, I only touched upon a few due to the scarcity of time.

C- The available contingencies and mechanisms for a radical change, and the scope of their effectiveness

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The extermination of Fascism can only be achieved whilst in its period of weakness or retreat. The Green Party of Iran calls upon everyone to implement the following measures in order to weaken the military coercion of the Islamic Republic and prevent war, bloodshed and destruction:

1- In the first instance, Europe must become aware of the essence and the strategies of the ruling Clero-Fascist Regime in Iran and if they already are, they ought to take the threat seriously. Europe ought to raise its awareness well enough about its own security and economy of international threats posed by Tehran Regime. Therefore, the European collaboration, compromise and consultation policy must end immediately. For example, the €22b contract to be signed with Ahmadinejad’s government towards the end of the current year by Austria’s oil and gas company OMV should be called off immediately. The continuity of the European economic partnership policy and contracts by companies such as Austria’s OMV will ultimately lead to war and destruction by the Tehran Regime. Our responsibility is to prevent war before it starts.

2- The people of Iran and Israel are unfortunate enough to pay for the heavy burden of the current political contention over the region’s economic gains between Europe, China and Russia on one side and that of the USA’s on the other. Bring this menacing policy to an end. Europe, Russia and China must eventually comprehend that the advancement and expansion of fundamentalism in the region is going to have grave consequences on all parties. Hence, the international community must collectively impose hard and comprehensive sanctions approved and carefully implemented and controlled by the Security Council of United Nations against the Regime in Tehran.

Of course, if such common policy is not approved by Mrs. Merkel in Germany or Russia and China, other unanimous European countries and France must immediately cut off their strategic collaboration policy with the above mentioned countries and join the rest of the Western countries who are willing to seriously stand up against Tehran Regime’s nuclear ambitions.

3- The heads of Mullahs’ Regime, Khamenei, Ahmadinejad and others must stand trial in an International Court of Law for repeated violation of the Iranian people’s human rights and for repeatedly vowing to annihilate the Jews and Israel and also for the denial of the Holocaust which is regarded as a clear declaration for carnage and war against humanity.

4- In order to promote and effectively safeguard the Human Rights in Iran, Europe must immediately place Regime’s military forces and the Revolutionary Guardian’s Corps as well as Ali Khamenei and Ahmadinejad in the list of terrorist organisations and individuals.

5- European pressure over the main and serious opposition groups must be lifted with immediate effect and instead, sustained exchange of dialogue and cooperation must prevail.

6- It is also imperative for the Iranian opposition groups, intellectuals, political activists and the left wing organisations to review their ideological and political stance in accordance with the realities of the region. One must believe that at this point in time, the main obstacle and enemy for the lasting development, freedom, and democracy in Iran and the region and even throughout the world, is neither imperialism nor Zionism; but religious fundamentalism whose main perpetrator and disseminator is the Clero-Fascist Regime of Iran.

The ruling Regime in Iran is also Palestine’s biggest enemy. The Islamic Republic’s daily and frequent interference in Palestinians’ affairs and their sponsorship of fundamentalism and HAMAS, prevents the people of Palestine to acquire a lasting peace.

7- In order to effectively prevent Iran Regime’s expansion of fundamentalism in the region, the Iranian opposition forces ought to officially acknowledge the reality of Israel’s existence and identity in the region. Such effective political stance will ultimately function to the detriment of the Islamic Republic and would benefit the future of the Palestinian people and in general would promote negotiations to achieve conclusive and lasting peace. The genuine opposition forces to the Islamic Republic including the realistic left wing organisations mustn’t abstain against Iran’s Clero-Fascist threats of annihilation of Israel and the Jews. We are placed in a battlefield where ethics, good will and defending humanity go hand in hand with politics. Therefore, in this historical and exceptional engagement against the Regime one mustn’t lose out to so called anti-imperialism sentiments and in practice side with the Islamic Republic.

D- The Specific hypothesis of the Green Party of Iran

The formation of a national and international Anti-Clero-Fascism Front consisting of Iranian and international forces

Ladies and Gentlemen, Right Honourable Friends,

With reference to the above, the question is how to specifically, objectively and collectively support the Iranian people?

The fact of the matter is that neither the Regime’s opposition groups nor the international community could impede the inhumane Regime of Iran unilaterally. We not only disapprove a military solution, nor do we believe it to be effective. Therefore, in order to support the peoples’ struggle in Iran and the genuine opposition groups, our collective cooperation is of utmost importance and is inevitable.

The Green Party of Iran proposes the formation of a national and international Anti-Clero-Fascism Front made up of Iranian and international forces as one of the effective and beneficial solutions.

Of course, in order to establish such Front we must organise and arrange actions and projects similar to this successful symposium in the shortest time, speedily and frequently. I must also add that different views and differences in political expressions and debates mustn’t lead to an oversight on our behalf to fail to recognise the potential and dynamic dangers of the Clero-Fascist rulers of Iran. I categorically express that The Green Party of Iran has not forgotten Hitler and believes that if we ignore the facts, and if the policy of appeasement is continued, we will be faced with a phenomenon much more dangerous than Hitler, Nazism and textbook Fascism.

In order to embark on a correct and efficient programme of action, we deem it necessary to explicitly analyse and accurately review all previous projects of cooperation and the gained experiences in order to lay the foundation of our future collective collaboration.

We believe that in our struggle against the Islamic Republic Fascism, the main vanguards are the people of Iran (Who have endured the most harm from the fascist rulers) and the people of Israel (Who face annihilation by this Regime).

Valuable friends,

I conclude my speech with this phrase by an Iranian freedom fighter compatriot:

“The Mullahs will not leave us in peace, and we shall never let them live in feasts ”

And finally, we can surely defeat the rule of the Clero-Fascist system in Iran with the aid of our collective cooperation campaign.

I thank you for your sincere attention.

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