Stop fabricating and publicizing these pro-regime opinion polls

November 7, 2013

Crude-oil_10Once again, on the eve of negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, a new Gallup’s poll has been published in the US that claims the majority of Iranians support the regime’s nuclear program and prefer sanctions and hardship rather that suspending the program. The majority of Iranians allegedly put the blame  on the US for the sanctions and the hardships that affect them.

During the past several years, numerous opinion polls of Iranians have been released that claim Iranians support a program that remains unknown to the Iranian public and has caused the total collapse of economy and brought misery to the majority of people.

Some of these polls are done over the phone and therefore, are entirely unreliable because the majority of Iranians would not divulge their opinions over the phone with unknown people, notably sensitive issues such as nuclear program and responsibility of the regime in ruining the country and putting the people in such a disastrous conditions.

But many of these polls are intentionally fabricated by pro-appeasement circles in Washington that  seek the removal of sanctions and pressure against the Iranian regime.

Watch this video to see how the organization that makes most of these polls, the World Public Opinion and the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland (PIPA) is run by someone who works with the regime and makes speeches at the rallies organized by Bassijis in Iran. Bassijis are the Para-military repressive forces under the direct control of the Revolutionary Guards.

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