Statement on a wrong move by monarchists

January 19, 2023

Mr. Reza Pahlavi, son of the former Shah of Iran, attempts to hijack the #WomanLifeFreedom movement, presenting himself as its representative to lead a transition from the current religious dictatorship to the next.

The Green Party of Iran considers any attempt to give power to an individual, in this case, a symbol of far-right political views, to be contrary to a pluralist coalition for advancing the revolution. We believe introducing this ridiculous form of patriarchy is a deviation from the “women, life, freedom” movement. An untimely move by the former prince will also weaken international support for the pro-democratic revolution of the Iranian people.

Under the leadership of brave women and youth in Iran, the current revolution will overthrow the Islamic regime and marginalize all types of religious fundamentalism, pro-male-controlled, gender-biased, ultra-nationalist groups, and monarchists.

Green Party of Iran

January 18, 2023

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