Rights of self-defense against the regime’s brutality

November 19, 2019

The protests have continued on the fourth day in more than 50 cities across the country despite name-calling and threats by regime officials. The people’s fury that had been triggered initially by the gasoline price hikes turned to a full-fledged regime change demand. Regime’s attempts to keep protesters under control, similar to what happened two years ago, using police force and nightly arrests, were not fruitful and forced them to deploy the other layers of its security forces on the ground, such as Basij and IRGC. In fact, regime became so desperate this time around that it uses real bullets to shoot directly at people without warning.

Khamenei tried to distance himself from the decision to increase the gas price made by a joint committee, comprised of the head of three government branches. But, his message was loud and clear: no retreat. Khamenei has no choice but to stand on his ground at this time as any retreat depicts him as a weak leader that would threaten his power both from rivals and people who become bold every day. There is no way out to ease the current standoff between people and the regime. The price hikes are the result of a bankrupt economy, wrecked by spending billions of dollars on proxies, sanctions, and decades of corruption, and mismanagement. The bottom line is the regime needs money to survive, and squeezing people is its last resort.

The creativity plays a significant role in the new wave of protests as security forces’ pressures mount. Stopping car engines and blocking roads and highways had started the protests in the first place, but now, it becomes a daily tactic to reignite rallies while the major locations are occupied by regime’s gunmen overnights.

The long-standing quest to overthrow the Islamic regime is moving forward. People have the right to defend themselves against suppression and brutalities. The number of casualties is increasing rapidly. With the fall of the first few IRGC’s bases or police stations, the entire regime’s suppression apparatus will start crumbling.

Green Party of Iran

November 18, 2019

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