Regime infighting escalates and ground shakes under appeasers’ feet

February 4, 2013

infigtingSFor years, this was the Iran’s lobby mantra; “If pressures on Iran increase and sanctions expand, the regime factions will stop fighting and unite.” But under crippling sanctions and isolation, the Iranian regime is exploding from within.

Today’s spectacular fight between the President and Parliament speaker that shocked most observers, will take the level of internal fihting to a new high. In today’s Majles session, Ahamdinejad released a recorded tape exposing Larijani brothers’ corruption. And Larijani called Ahmadinejad “Mafioso”.

This astonishing new round of battle comes right after last week’s supreme leader’s mediation to extend the fragile truce. Now, Khamenei is in a stalemate where he neither can sack Ahamdinejad before presidential election in May, nor can he stay still and do nothing.

The escalation of regime’s infightings show the Supreme Leader’s weakness to impose his will, a weakness caused by popular discontent, international pressure and bleak prospects for regime’s Middle East policy centered on Bashar Assad’s survival.

Source: Iranian American Forum

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