Less than five percent turn out for municipal election

March 1, 2003

According to the reports from different sources, the vast majority of people in Tehran and other cities in Iran boycotted the municipal election on February 28. Iranian regime’s official news agency, Irna, reports that in Tehran only 590000 out of 5 millions eligible voters have turned out to vote for their candidates which is far…


February 1, 2003

Australian Greens International Secretary Deb Foskey released a statement outlining the Global Greens' position on the likely war in Iraq.

Teenager Facing Execution for Drinking Alcohol in Iran

January 12, 2003

A 19 year-old man, Davood, has received a death sentence for drinking alcohol in Iran.

Arrests, Mistreatment, and Interrogation of Iranians in the United States

December 17, 2002

After the Immigration and Naturalization Service in the US set a deadline for citizens of few countries including Iran to be photographed and fingerprinted, many of respondents were arrested and mistreated by authorities. According to the reports, many Iranian respondents to the call by INS had a “still pending” status and would not be considered…

CCF Works with the Iranian Cheetah Society to Save the Iranian Cheetah

July 30, 2002

by Laurie Marker CCF Newsletter Number 18: Summer 2002 Source: http://www.cheetah.org/?nd=ics_iran Once ranging from the Red Sea to India, the last of the Asiatic cheetah, perhaps fewer than 100, exist on the edge of Iran’s Kavir Desert, where suitable prey is very scarce. CCF and IUCN’s Cat Specialist Group have been encouraging international support to…

Fragile Arrangement Without Women in Bonn

November 29, 2001

After the end of the dark and horrible rule of Taliban in Afghanistan, there are negotiations in Bonn between Afghan parties and factions. The Green Party of Iran believes that without the presence of a women delegation in the conference, any outcome will be ineffective. Without the presence of women, who have been victims of…

Green Party of Iran Supporters Attacked in Tehran

September 19, 2001

According to supporters of the Green Party of Iran in Tehran, a candle light vigil in Mohseni Square in Tehran on Tuesday September 18 in solidarity with the American people came under attack by vigilantes organized by the Iranian regime. During the vigil, Green Party of Iran supporters carried placards and signs protesting the environmental…

The Tehran-Shomal Construction Project: Another step towards the destruction of the Iranian environment

August 22, 2000

The Iranian government has plans to renew construction of the Tehran-Shomal (Northern Iran) highway. The proposed 123 kilometer long and 26-meter wide highway will pass through the mountain forests of Alborz and Mazandaran to join Tehran with the northern cities of Chaloos, Noshahr, and Clardasht.

Student’s death sentence upheld in Iran

February 21, 2000

An Islamic court in Iran has upheld the death sentence for Mr. Akbar Mohammadi, accusing him of leading the student uprising in Iran last year. The Green Party of Iran demands the immediate commutation of Mr. Mohammadi’s death sentence and calls on all Green Parties and human rights organizations throughout the world to intervene and…

Green Party of Iran condemns the arrest of Iranian editorial cartoonist

February 5, 2000

An Iranian cartoonist, Neek Ahang Kosar, was arrested February 5th, 2000 and detained in Evin Prison for publishing an “insulting” cartoon in Azad, a daily morning Tehran newspaper. The cartoon depicts Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi as a crocodile strangling a newspaper writer. (click here to see cartoon) The Green Party of Iran strongly condemns the arrest…