The Lives of Millions of People in Tehran are in Danger

December 25, 1999

During the last month, air pollution in Tehran has surpassed all records due to increased levels of carbon monoxide and suspended particles in the air. The air pollution has been so extreme that people are forced to wear masks in the streets. In some parts of the city, the smog has been so thick that…

The Green Party of Iran demands the commutation of an Iranian teenager’s death sentence

December 23, 1999

The judicial court of the Iranian regime has sentenced 17-year-old Moreza Amini Moghadam to death and 13-year-old Haamed Nazemi to 15 years in prison. The teenagers were not given access to a lawyer during their hurried, one session trial. They are accused of killing a pro-government militant (Basij) commander in a street quarrel and were…

The Green Party of Iran calls for a boycott of undemocratic parliament elections

December 16, 1999

The Islamic Republic of Iran has set many conditions and requirements for candidates wishing to run in the upcoming parliamentary elections – for example, they must swear allegiance to Khameni’s principles and must be approved by the clerical Guardian Council. In view of these undemocratic restrictions imposed on candidates, the Green Party of Iran rejects…

The Green Party of Iran condemns the expulsion of refugees from Iran

November 16, 1999

The government controlled IRNA news agency announced on Monday November 16th that the regime’s parliament has voted to expel from Iran all foreign workers not having work permits by the end of the year. The Green Party of Iran believes that this action will severely affect the 2 million refugees presently residing in the country. The…

French government suppresses Iranian opposition to Khatami’s visit in France

October 31, 1999

Unprovoked, the French police detained many Iranian opposition members and Iranian exiles demonstrating against Khatami’s visit to Paris from October 27 to 30. Some injuries were reported during confrontations between protestors and French police. The Green Party of Iran strongly condemns these unlawful acts carried out against peaceful demonstrators by the French police and government…

Islamic Republic of Iran confronts the Green Party of Iran

October 12, 1999

In response to the recent formation of the Green Party of Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran has formed a phony party under the green name. The IRNA, the government controlled news agency of Iran, announced on Tuesday October 12th that a green party has been formed in Iran, having as its main objects, the…

The Green Party of Iran condemns the death sentences facing six Iranian students

September 26, 1999

The Islamic Republic of Iran is planning to execute six students, including four students arrested during the July uprisings in Tehran, and two student writers and editors recently accused of insulting the Islamic religion in their satirical play. In addition, we believe that the students may have been tortured in order to extract confessions. The…

The Green Party of Iran calls for the release of 13 Jewish prisoners in Iran

September 10, 1999

Thirteen Iranian Jews, accused of spying for foreign countries, have been held in prison for several months in Iran. We demand the release of the prisoners. All religious minorities must be given the right to practice their religion safely and without harassment in Iran. The Green Party of Iran asks Green Parties and Human Rights organizations around the…

The Green Party of Iran condemns Canadian plans to export nuclear technology to Iran.

July 8, 1999

The Green Party of Iran condemns Canadian plans to export nuclear technology to Iran. According to Reuter's reports, the Canadian Center for Fusion Magnetics is negotiating a deal to export nuclear fusion technology to Iran.