Mullahs’ Friends in Germany Try to Loosen Sanctions

May 16, 2014

kaz-nour-malekNader Maleki, a pro-Iranian regime banker (Maleki Group – Financial Communications & Consulting) in Frankfurt, Germany has organized an event called Business Forum IRAN. The event scheduled for May 23, is part of a greater campaign to loosen and end international sanctions that have crippled Iranian regime’s economy.

Nader Maleki, the head of Maleki Group has publicly clarified his goal and declared: “Since the taking office of president Rohani, the relations between Iran and the Western world have improved and the sanctions have been slightly loosened, the end of the sanctions is in sight.”

One of the key speakers in the event is Ali Ashraf Afkhami, the head of Iranian Industry and Mines Bank in Tehran. The bank is currently black listed by US Department of Treasury since 2011.

Another speaker at the event is Omid Nouripour, spokesman on foreign affairs for Alliance 90/ The Greens party, Berlin. He is known among Iranian expatriates in Germany for his pro-Iranian regime activities. Markus Potzel, Head of Middle East Division, Federal Foreign Office, Berlin and Dr. Walter Posch, Deputy Head of Research (a.i.) – Divison Middle-East and Africa, German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Berlin are among speakers at the Business Forum Iran’s event.

As a result of mounting protests by the Iranian community in Germany, notably the campaign started by Dr. Kazem Moussavi, the spokesperson for the Green Party of Iran in Germany, Omid Nouripour withdrew his participation at the forum. Also, Ali Ashraf Afkhami has announced his withdrawal after his black listed status was revealed by Dr. Moussavi.

The Green Party of Iran insistently calls for the cancellation of the event and withdrawal of all German participants. Since Hassan Rouhani became president, the human rights violations in Iran have increased and Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism and regional expansion have continued with greater pace.

Nader Maleki is encouraged by the appeasement policy toward the Iranian regime advocated and practiced by the Green Party of Germany and Germany’s Federal Foreign Office. This policy assists Tehran’s efforts to crack International sanctions. Green Party of Iran asks German authorities to investigate Nader Maleki’s ties with the Iranian regime and their coordination to circumvent International sanctions.

Green Party of Iran

May 14, 2014

Ali Ashraf Afkhami, the head of Iranian Industry and Mines Bank in Tehran

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