Holding a referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan is people’s undeniable rights

September 24, 2017

The leadership of Kurdistan Region of Iraq has announced that a referendum on the independence of the Iraqi Kurdistan will be held on September 25, 2017. Following this decision, the Islamic regime of Iran has formally condemned a referendum in the Kurdistan region and has threatened with a military strike through Heshd al-Sha’bi (The People’s Mobilization Forces-PMF) in Iraq. PMF is a group of militias affiliated with the Quds Force. The governments of Turkey and Iraq, along with Western countries, including the United States, opposed the referendum and asked Massoud Barzani and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to postpone the plan.

According to the principle proclaimed in its charter, the Green Party of Iran acknowledges and supports people’s rights to vote on self-determination as the fundamental and basic human rights. The critical situation in Iraq is the product of Iran’s direct meddling in the country. Denial of Kurds and Sunnis’ rights has led the Kurds to hold a referendum on independence.

The Kurdistan region has practically been autonomous and separated from the chaos in Iraq. Making the independence official by holding a referendum is a way for Kurdistan to continue its tranquility, economic growth, and prosperity. It also serves as a defense mechanism against the perils of the Shiite groups created by the Quds Force and the central government of Iraq. Iraq is a country under the influence of Iranian mullahs.

Furthermore, it is essential to mention a few points about the implications of holding a referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan:

– Independence of the Iraqi Kurdistan will eventually lead to unavailability of areas of Kurdistan in Iraq and Syria to the Iranian regime. Since 1991, Kurdistan region in Iraq has become a victim of the Quds Force incursions. Thus, Kurdistan’s independence will be a major blow to the creation of a land corridor from Tehran to Lebanon. Iran’s regime has invested billions of dollars of the Iranian people’s wealth to create such a pathway. Tehran prefers the corridor to go through Iraqi and Syrian Kurdistan to avoid Sunni areas of these countries. Any prevention of the Islamic Republic’s terrorist and hegemonic plans in the region will be in the interests of the people of Iran and the Middle East.

– The independence of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region creates a safe haven for Iranian Kurds in their struggle against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Compared to the Kurds in other countries in the region, Kurds in Iran have a richer history of struggle. In a free and democratic Iran, Iranian Kurds will have the right to decide the fate of Iran’s Kurdistan depending on how they choose to continue their lives. Naturally, the Green Party of Iran calls for the peaceful coexistence of all Iranian ethnic groups and equal rights of all citizens in a free and integrated Iran.

– The rise of the Iranian Kurds will have positive effects on struggles of all Iranian to defeat ruling regime in Iran.

Green Party of Iran

September 21, 2017

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