Iran calls for public holiday as air pollution plagues capital

November 30, 2010

Iran has declared a two-day public holiday in Tehran after air pollution hit dangerous levels. Tehran's downtown skyline was barely visible.

Iran Needs A “Green” Revolution In More Ways Than One

June 22, 2009

Recent political turmoil in the Islamic Republic of Iran, is only part of the problems facing this country of more than 70 million. The country’s fragile eco-cycle is also at risk, much of this due to developmental aspects which have been occurring in many parts of county, while environmental issues have taken a back seat.

The German connection

November 22, 2007

German customs police are probing 50 of their country's industrial firms for illegally supplying nuclear equipment to Iran. Coordinating this smuggling operation was a Berlin-based front company called Vero, headed by Dimitry Solotarev, an Armenian Jew. The deal amounts to $150 million, and that, says Potsdam's public prosecutor, is 'just the tip of the iceberg'.

Rare Asiatic Cheetahs Photograhed in Iran

September 2, 2005
Rare Asiatic Cheetahs Photograhed in Iran

Source: A camera trap set to photograph wildlife in a remote section of Iran has captured images of the largest group of Asiatic cheetahs ever documented in Asia, a team of American and Iranian wildlife scientists said Tuesday. The pictures show an adult female and her four cubs resting in the shade of a tree…

CCF Works with the Iranian Cheetah Society to Save the Iranian Cheetah

July 30, 2002

by Laurie Marker CCF Newsletter Number 18: Summer 2002 Source: Once ranging from the Red Sea to India, the last of the Asiatic cheetah, perhaps fewer than 100, exist on the edge of Iran’s Kavir Desert, where suitable prey is very scarce. CCF and IUCN’s Cat Specialist Group have been encouraging international support to…