About the new Iranian Ambassador to Germany

August 16, 2019

By Dr. Kazem Moussavi

Federal President Steinmeier today received the anti-Semitic ambassador of the Iranian Holocaust denier regime, Mahmoud Farazandeh, at Schloss Bellevue-Berlin.

Farazandeh was formerly ambassador of the Iranian regime to Indonesia and the connection to the dictatorship in North Korea.

Farazandeh is in close contact with the Iranian revolutionary leader Ali Khamenei’s Mostazafan Foundation, which is under US sanctions

Farazandeh said in January, “With the increasing pressure of sanctions, the Mostazafan Foundation has a special position to circumvent these cruel sanctions. Germany wants to bypass the US sanctions for Iran business by founding the INSTEX.”

Farazandeh has been in Berlin for 3 months. He met on July 17th with the head of the economics department in the Foreign Office – for INSTEX -, Miguel Berger, as well as Zarif’s delegation with the foreign minister, Heiko Maas on June 10th in Berlin.

Farazandeh had said: “Islamic Revolution in Iran made Islam a dominant and influential force in international relations, and Iran defeated this regime (Israel) through Hezbollah following repeated Arab defeats against the Palestinian occupation regime.”

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