Osanloo's kidnapping is a challenge for Iranian regime

When Mansour Osalnoo, the leader of Iranian labor's movement was kidnapped in front of commuters by Iranian regime's agents, everybody could guess that this might be a remarkable challenge for Ahmadi Nejad's regime. Facing this challenge is a new test for Ahamdi Nejad faction that totally controls Iranian government since two years ago. Osanloo's kidnapping took place after suppression of student movement on July ninth. Before student suppression, regime encountered women and teachers protests which turned to a violent result. All of these happen after angry crowd in Tehran and some other cities, burned gas stations during of one night protest for rationing gas which announced by government the same day. That event proved there is a possibility that people can burn everything quickly, if the right moments ripe. The judiciary system has announced its plan to execute most of detainees who were taken into the custody for holding anti government demonstration at the night of gas station burning. Without a doubt, the execution of detainees is an act of warning to youth to prevent them from participating in similar uprising in future.

Suppression of social movement, including Osanloo's kidnapping by Iranian regime is a bold move in lack of an organized opposition network inside Iran. Both western countries and regime will watchfully examine people's reaction to this new wave of aggression. How people and opposition groups respond to this aggression will affect on the future event significantly.

Hedayat Afshary
July 14, 2007