An Interview with Mr. Abdi Hezarkhani, Political Analyst for the Green Party of Iran

Arash Shams(AS) asks: Mr. Hezarkhani, in your opinion, how much can the ultimatum given by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) affect the regime of Iran?

Abdi Hezarkhani(AHK):  In my opinion, the regime's confrontations with the European Union, the United States, Canada, and other countries is the Achilles heal of the regime.  One can compare this phase of regime's existence with the times when Iraq was under pressure for its "Weapons of Mass Destruction".  Although, there are remarkable differences involved.  First of all,  Mass Destructive Weapons didn't exist, or at least not on the level they had presumed, in Iraq, whilst the Iran case is more objective since it is there.  The second difference is that in the case of Iraq, only the US and England were Iraq's facing parties, but now almost all of the western countries are getting on regime's nuclear project and that is because of the fact that the ultimatum were not given to the regime by America, and it was all of the countries that are in that agency who are pursuing this matter. Henceforth, the clergies can not use the US weak face on Iraq to fool the world and present their regime as another victim of the US of America.  The European Union such tricks of the regime and pressured the US not to face this matter by itself.

    AS: some of the regime supporters are putting doubts about the existence of nuclear projects in Iran.  What is your catch on that?

It certainly is way out of line to act such when the regime is confessing itself about it all.  After the instances when details of Natanz and Arak were exposed by Mojahedeen Khalgh in clear details, in addition to some other locations around Tehran, it was then that finally westerners were alerted about how close the Mullahs are in possession of Nuclear Weapons.  Beforehand, westerns knew that regime is doing something and their satellite was focused upon their Booshehr.  Hence, the regime occasionally would put  Booshehr on the waves to make them lost looking, while they didn't have a clue that in two completely hidden sites that were Natanz and Arak, the regime in on the fast lane.  Exposition of these two sites and later, other sites of the regime that had projects such as Biological or Chemical weapons were an strategic blow to the regime.  Perhaps it could be said on their behalf that it was greater than Foroogh-e-Javeedan military attack.  Perhaps this second Foroogh-e-Javeedan that regime was fearful about.  Anyhow, after exposition of the regime's project, Mr. Khatami ran to the cameras saying yes, we are close to technology development, but then they are all for peaceful missions.  It was then, that at last, the world comprehended that how much they've been fooled by a bunch of clergies and how the whole matter is hazardous.  Those who still have doubts must read the Albaradei reports,  which were prepared with all regime's .monkeyrenching Albaradei said that they had found nuclear material clues in numerous places.  Now what is there to be confused about?

AS:  what is the position of the Green Party about all this ordeal?

AHK: I believe that our position on this matter is quite clear.  First of all, our party's formation came about due to our being worried about the regime's getting armed with Nukes.  Both it was in our program, and also in our first statement in the year 1999 we clearly warned about all this and protested about Canada exporting nuclear technology to the regime.  In another press release dated as of October 20th 1999, we anounced that in exchange for supporting Perviz Mosharaf who had just made a coup in Pakistan, they he had promesed the regime to grant them nuclear technology.  It is funny that at last, two weeks ago the western media addmitted that Pakistan has helped Iranian regime in Nuclear Weaponary.  Our position in regard to getting Nuke Weapons is clear thoroughly.  Even in regard to Nuclear Technology we had stated from the beginning that basically our nation has no need for nuclear technology.  As a whole, this is a cover for Islamic Fundamentalist Theocratcic Regime of Iran's warlord strategies and terrorism.  Producing electricity and other necessitated matter have hundreds of better cheaper means that do not put the environment in dangerous conditions. 

I have heard that for instance some intellectuals living in exile have said that having nuclear technology is the right of Iran and perhaps the only way to prevent the US military attack on Iran.  See how way off the line these dark minded folks have been? Although perhaps regime's ministry of intelligence have had a hand into cooking their brain somewhat.  Let me only tell you that Mullah's hand getting into Nuclear Technology shall be the greatest tragedy of the 21st century and Iranian people are going to be the first victims.  The least problematic aspect of this ordeal is nulcear pollutions occurance hazard for the Iranians and not much talk in that regard is necessitated.   Besides, regime is not a conventional one to be calm and harmless in international conventions.  The regime clearies are ruling is based upon terrorist foundation.  Just imagine when someday the regime gets its hand on nukes and what is going to happen next; the whole world is going to have insomnia for that matter.  Although I think that by now they are alarmed right now and have already became insomnic. 

AS: How may it be possible that the regime does not manage to fool the agencies and rest of the world?

 AHK: I believe that the situation both inside and outside of Iran has passed such level of development that regime has lost its chance of deception.  COnditions are in such levels that regime's terrorists are getting busted all around the world and obviously regime plays cowboys gun games with the governmant and all that.  All this makes me believe that regime is in such is the worst probable condition in terms of fooling the others.l   Even inside the regime also, there is the matter of hardliners taking over political steering wheel.  The sixth so called congress is also, although hasn't done a darn thing, is near death saying its last words.  Next year, also Khatami's presidency is over.  Off course, he is already done, but then the regime ought to take care of itself in its conventional style, and this is the exact matter that has caused the world's anymosity toward them.  Regime is not left with any path to take.

 Even, let's iagine that it tries to pretend that it is ready to cooperate with the agency's demand, at list in pretention.  About on of these Iran-Gates, Mr. Houshang Amir Ahmadi who is trying hard to establish a relation between the regime and America has correctly said on the air in radio Farda taht if Iran accepts the Agency's conditions, tomorrow they will even look under Imam Reza's grave searching for something.  Regime knows this well and since its Nuclear projects are real, then if the inspectors begin coming in, everything will be exposed and therefore it can not go over this matter.

AS: Thank you for this interview.

AHK: I thank you too.