Why did Iran necessitate a Green Party?

On 11th anniversary of the United Nations’ Conference in Rio on Environment
(From June 11th until June 14 th of 1992)
2nd part of the Interview with Dr. Kazem Moosavi-Zadeh, Director of Environment in Green Party of Iran
Interviewer,Mr. Arash Shams: why did Iran necessitate a Green Party In same retrospective elaborate about the variety of effects the Green Party shall have in regard to the peoples’ lives and future of Iran.    

Dr. Moosavi-Zadeh: Your question is very important, and naturally to answer that, I should point out about every detail of the wide spectrum of historical studies of our struggle and our ecological science both in Iran and on the international level which, I believe the limited time we have could not make it possible to be done.

But in general and brief some can be said in that regard. Three major issues were analyzed accurately;

Firstly, the determining conditions of political struggles for freedom and existing environmental and ecological contemporary matters growing exponentially in Iran, and also the daily hot issues of environment on a global scale.

Secondly, determining the positive scenario based on facts and the revealed, problems plus principles and existing directive of the struggles against existing theocratic dictatorship in Iran in favor of formation of a national democratic progressive secular arrangement in Iran.

Thirdly, taking a ground-breaking organized struggle in order to act seriously to interact with the just demand of overthrowing the regime of the clergies as soon as possible, in addition to create solidarity among the progressive forces in opposition movement, i.e. the true opponents of the regime and also determining a direction for later changes for true interest of the people’ lives and establishing a productive and sustainable development in Iran that will prevail.

Thus, the foundation of the Green Party of Iran were in ties with both the necessitated conditions of the liberation struggle movement and combining that with the needed ecological conditions and matters, plus expansion of the information in recent years having a social basis has become vindicated and also has been set up, not only based on both theoretical and also existing practical realities.

Moreover, in today’s world globally, the endeavor to create and develop the mindset and Eco-political social movement in Iran is a coherent subject founded on daily-discovered sciences and its decree, in addition to the inscribed principles and values of the international manifesto of the international charter of humans rights which needed to be done from long ago in a country such as Iran considering its ecological vitality.  What I am trying to state is that the Green Party of Iran needed not to make an absolute copycat alike the Green Parties and groups in the capitalistic developed countries, for the sake of history of their struggles and activities.  Ecological and political perspective is beyond any formats of ethical, ideological and religious values and due to its Para-Class, and Para-mythological aspects, they do not necessitate historical movements of class struggle of Iranian workers, etc.

With such an introduction, let me present the fundamental reasons for Iran Green Party’s formation in more bluntly.  The reasons for its foundation were:

A – For theoretical and serious practical dealings with important matters and interrelated problems of pollution and escalating environmental destruction and widely spread wasting of natural resources and national assets any sort of development under the clergies’ regime is narrow.  Also it is needed for catalyzing the potentials and feasibilities of the people’s environmental protesting movements and non-governmental, independent from regime forces, and also for massive preparedness and popular engagement

After the fall of the regime for recovery in utilization and conservation of the environment and national assets in the lines of country’s all angles progressive, and sustainable development.

B – To form a new national and international struggling front, intended for accessing and positive improvements in levels of the peoples’ demands and democratic interest, for quality of liberation and democratic struggles in the path of forming a people’s secular democratic establishment with Iranian remarkable ecological attribute.

C – For a replying correctly and in a harmonious fashion to the needs, expectations and real massive demands of the peoples, and in particular the diverse modern elements necessitated for today’s young generation of Iran.

It is not necessary to mention that due to the effects of the changes and transformation of today’s world (locally, regionally and globally) and having access to news provided by the satellite media, electronic information, Internet and various modern sciences and knowledge of the day, conditions of the high population of the youth, various contemporary forces and ideas and political aspirations and modern demands have been created in Iranian society of which, by will or otherwise, majority of them have explicit and direct connections with the ecological and environmental matters and problems of Iran, and also the whole world.  Therefore, this spectacular existing escalating potential necessitated a progressive democratic and political ecology – oriented party that would comply with the modern innovative programs and advantageous and tenet organizing. But then, you also asked about the effectiveness of the Green Party of Iran.

In terms of struggle currently the political and cultural activities of the Green Party has a general, mass related and international essential beat, and through precise dynamic endeavors it can create the conditions and practicality to bring about solidarity amongst the progressive figures and organizations of the anti – Islamic Republic opposition front toward a high level, and have a positive and efficient role in exposing the regime throughout the everyday international complex politics and changes.

As said by Dr. Karim Ghasiem, one of the original founders of the Socio-Political Ecological Movement of Iran, and also is the director of National Council of Resistance’s Environmental Commission, basically the innermost cultural essence of ecological politics and thinking are based upon feeling responsible in protecting accountably, cautiously and evenhanded.  The fact that the capability to be flexible and logically and politically harmoniously and constantly accepting the changes occurring on the evolving world eventually enables the qualitative development of the foundations, capabilities, innovations and scientific and radical creativities and the most of it all, can have a very positive effect in the arena of democratic attitude and public developmental consent in society of Iran.

Well known that is, wide variety of perspectives, thoughts, ideologies, political forces, or nationalities with a large spectrum of languages, religions, identities and old matters to be fond of exist in Iran.  But wheatear wanting or not, existence of a healthy environmental sphere as the foundation of living growth and development and successful political, social or otherwise activities are essentially their common denominator and filed of interest in which, their actions are well aligned.  Meaning that socio-ecological political activities and perspective are spontaneously and in an auto-dynamic fashion fields in which, democratic political consent and attitude are interactive and efficient among humans that brings progressive movements close to one another.

Another important term is the modern socio-ecological standpoint and definition of the matters of libertarian movement.  Also the matter of the freedom’s acquirement and its depth, establishment of social justice and human rights, obliteration of sexual and cultural inequity of women, also just distribution of national social, scientific and other achievements, be it a capitalist, or socialist, etc. are immensely and undividedly interconnected with national, natural assets that exist in our land.  Attentively speaking, the Islamic Republic regime has been the cause of unhealthy economical development based upon unlimited waste, unjust and inefficient plundering of natural resources and assets of the country.  Due to the high ratio of plundering and manipulation of the national resources by the capitalists, “Aghazadehs” (sons of Ayatollahs and other clergies) and the wealthy individuals whom are dependent to the order of disparity amongst exploiters and the poor and low income masses of the society that is growing constantly and the weigh of economical oppression and poverty is growing on the back of the workers, women and children are the roots of these tragic problems.  And continuation of these conditions directly increases ecological balances and escalating destruction of the environment and growing threats toward the peoples’ living in our country are the natural consequences.  That is the for same causes that places the Green Party of Iran as the first environmentalist movement that is seriously standing in an opposition status against the Islamic Republic regime all through the world.  Based upon our basic principles, we are responsible in regard, due to the Islamic Republic regime’s severe breakings of the human rights, sexual apartheid, torture, execution and existence of political prisoners per se, severe disdain of the rights of national minorities, sexes, races and faiths, execution of warfare and terrorism, persistent censorship of the periodicals/publications and also disturbing destruction of the environment has made having any sorts of dialogs and cultural and political cooperation with the clergies’ regime a terrible course of action against national interests and beyond, and hence we condemn it solidly.

The Green Party has received its résistance and clear red lining from the objective realities of this regime; the realities that have been clearly exposed.  Green Party of Iran is adamant to the laws of current level of struggle which; political deadlock is the main point that has locked the development and appropriate and progressive economical growth under the status quo.  The political deadlock is the existence of the armed – political theocratic dictatorship of the “Velayat-e-Faghih” regime[1].  As shown through experience, due to the essential structure and its inflexible nature, reactionary and anti modernism of the regime, with or without Khatami[2] it cannot be reformed.  As shown through the growth of the demonstrations of protest and widely spontaneous uprisings of the people and students in various cities of Iran, sooner or later this regime shall be overthrown.  Well, the concrete policies and the bright program of the green party is both well-suited with the political conditions and demands of the people, and also can be efficient and advantageous, in bringing solidarity within the social movements currently.

The general and widely practical and systematic ecological program of the green party is focused in particular in finding and presenting necessitated harmonious suggestions and solutions for the very future Iran’s fundamental problems, be it political, humanitarian, cultural-social, economical and environmental matters.  Sustainable developmental policies and programs of tomorrow are based upon 3 basic principles:  resolving the financial and environmental recessions, along with the cultural and social existing conditions.  Implementation of such prolific programs can only be attainable on the basis of ecological research and understanding, necessity of a variety of education always present in public and in different economical sectors of society.  This subject matter results ethical, moral, scientific, rational and fundamental change and transformation in Iran society.

One of the most important and basic matters that need immediate resolution after the Islamic Republic regime’s fall is the matter of unemployment and creating and expanding the availability of job opportunity for nation’s women and men.  Along the lines of economical, industrial, agricultural and environmental services in particular, new jobs also keep on popping up constantly.  For example; in the first occasion indicated improvements in the following list are certainly likely and attainable:

Serving for educational developments to increase knowledge and public science, and escalation of expertise amongst workers and peasants by academic students, graduates, faculties, and etc. or/plus scientific professional research for improvement and defining the old technological machines, design and construction of technical and professional institutions in the field of building s structures and technicalities about ecological aspects of urban design, industry,agriculture and countryside expansion.

 Activities in regard to improvement of natural resource like raw materials and energy source refining and feasible usage and also water resources in economical field.-  Using natural gas as the energy source for automobiles and other industries in order to avert air pollution.-         Organizing road and transportation industries.-         Programs for dividing waste and garbage from sewage, industries and hospitals in a principled and safe fashion.-         Proper and efficient usage of attainable materials that can be used in different economical and industrial fields, repairing and securing garbage masses and closed industrial centers.-         Correcting and finding sensible locations for establishing industrial projects and industrial provinces that already exist (in province such as Tehran, Isfahan, Khorasan, Khoozestan, Fars, Azerbaijan and Mazandaran)-         Renewal and restoration of forests-         Cleaning water resource-         Marketing and distribution of industrial productions . . .

And hundreds of legal services, trade and other technical fields that considering the existing professional and expert human resources, cultural, legal, political and nature conservationist scientists are the undeniable fields for jobs and professions.

I should put emphasis as I mentioned earlier the fact that considering the size of the land in her geo-political field and economical grand ecological – economical value of the widely spread land between Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf, in a sensitive area of the Middle East Iran is certainly an important realm amongst all.

   Especially while having the rich stock of hydrocarbon fuels and how enormous those banks are, she is the second largest supplier of natural gas which, is the better (more environment friendly – trans.) fuel resource for technological usage worldwide.

  Thusly, a politically democratic Green Party is necessary for pursuing policies and ecologically sane economical and industrial projects and plans.

  The dynamic efforts of the Green Party of course shall reduce the negative effects of the capitalist policies that are based upon disorderly usage of the resources in the social, political, cultural and economical fields of Iran’s future as much as that can be attainable.

The Green Party of Iran has strong faith that socio-political and ecological democratic policies’ efficiency can be achievable only when deeds are handed to the peoples themselves.   For working example would be development and administrating an enduring economy and conserving their own living environment in accordance with their own understanding, experiences, cultural identities and fondness of their good old surrounding conditions. Such an ecological awareness would not only prepare and ensure corresponding indispensable and political conditions for self-determination ruling for different regions, but would also continue guaranteeing the necessitated elements of the establishment of a Federal orderliness administration for Iran.

Likewise, holding its general and international appealing politics, the Green Party of Iran shall look forward vast support coming from the progressive forces of the world nations and in particular the neighboring and regional countries, and also widely spread support from the existing United Nations 21st century programs for advancement and stabilizing the developing countries that serve the interest of Iranian people’s steps forward.


Hence, for summing up we should say that whilst having limited resources and weakness in eco-political instigation we possess within the suppressing theocracy of clergies regime in Iran currently, nevertheless the beginning of the cultural and political projects of the Green party as the opening top-chapter has served well as a historical, positive actions with its forthcoming aptitude.  A step it has been that acts like the historical deadlocked breaker in the lines of material and natural preservations of lives, not only for Iran’s today and tomorrow, but also on the international level. 


I should remark finally that the development of complex and broad actions of the Green Party solely relies on strong will, determination and humane historical responsibilities, affable sincere and productive cooperation of every single concerned Iranian through connection and direct bond, whether within the border of motherland, or abroad it has had, and so it shall be done.

[1] Velayat-e-Faghih is the religious-political order that was formulated, theorized and established by Ayatollah Khomeini, a Shiite Muslim clergy in exile who had published it years before the 1979 defeated revolution of the Iranian People.  The best comparison that can be made is the condition of Catholicism in the dark ages, whence the master clergy, i.e. the pope’s word would be unconditionally imposed upon the people, progressive thinkers would be executed and tortured, witches would be burnt and so forth.  Stoning the women for adultery, killing the people who had dared to question the legitimacy of the existing Imam, flogging peoples backs, executing thousands of people all and all, are not much different from the those times’ conditions.  still, the civilization has changed and as nowadays said by many, fear of losing Iran to the radicals while Shah, the King of Iran were about to be overthrown, made the western media and powers yielding the road to Khomeini and his gang.  To sum this part of history, lowering the price of oil, further destruction of Iran’s economy and course environment and last of all but not the least, wiping out the radicals, progressives, leftists, republic nationalists and a number of other opposition forces was done on a level that can not currently be compared with any other existing fascist regime in the world.  Trans. 

[2] Ayatollah Khatami, the current president who made numerous promises to the people about making fundamental changes and bring about freedom of speech, better prison conditions and establishing better relations with other countries and step away from fundamentalism, whom in practice did not do a thing under the charade that he does not have enough power and Ayatollah Khamenei, the current Imam of Iranian Shiites, although “Hezbollah” of Lebanon and some others who get financed by Islamic Republic for terrorist activities naturally have some respect for him.