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Short Biography

Sohrab Sepehri was born in Kashan on June 2, 1928; a very talented painter and true poet, Sepehri was known as a modern mystic, always drawing into his work imagery and themes of eastern mysticism found more in the poetry of his ancestors, Rumi and Hafiz, than in the poetry of his contemporaries. Sepehri was a translator of Japanese haikus, as well as a world traveler, creating and exhibiting his art in France, Brazil, India, Greece, and Egypt. In 1979, Sepehri returned to Iran to receive treatment for blood cancer; he died a year later, and rests now in his native Kashan.

Even his most prominent and enduring collection of poetry, “The Green Volume” and his famous and exquisite long poem “The Water’s Footfall,” have not received nearly as much international attention and acclaim as is their due. These two poems, from “The Green Volume,” reflect the poet’s solitary nature and his profound, respectful relationship to nature itself.